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Goth Girl and the Teacher

Duration: 2 hours
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Unleash your inner eccentric goth girl and austere teacher in this scenario, injecting a tone of fun and thrill into your relationship by exploring a heady mix of authority and rebellion.

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  • Starting this off, the partner playing the goth girl will dress in an exaggerated gothic outfit, attempting to emphasize her rebellious spirit and unique wardrobe choices. The other partner will be in the role of the stern and traditional teacher, dressed in conservative and professional attire. The setting can be at home, particularly in an area that could serve as a mock classroom.
  • The teacher, upon noticing the goth girl's deviant attitude and dress code, could take it upon themselves to correct her. The first act can evolve into a passionate debate about reasons behind societal norms, self-expression and the true meaning of being an individual. This part of the scenario involves expressing viewpoints and exploring the characters in depth.
  • As the scenario progresses, this strenuous situation turns into mutual admiration and attraction leading to intimate moments. The teacher could end up admitting that the goth girl’s unique persona and rebellious spirit is admirable, and the goth girl could express gratitude for the guidance and dedication the teacher shows to her.

Preparation steps:

  • In this roleplay scenario, the preparation is as vital as the roleplay itself since it relies heavily on authenticity. First, you’ll need to set up a room like a classic classroom with things around the house. A sturdy table and a chair, some books and a makeshift ‘blackboard’- perhaps a large sheet of black poster board attached to the wall.
  • Next up is the characters. The partner playing the teacher should dress in a classic formal attire including a button-up shirt, tailored trousers, and maybe even glasses for a more authoritative feel. As for the goth girl, a layered dark makeup, black nail polish, fishnet stockings, a dark miniskirt, paired with a fitted black shirt and boots will complete the look.
  • Before beginning the roleplay, discuss boundaries and safe words. It's essential to ensure comfort and safety.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Since it's essentially an acting role, the key to this roleplay scenario is letting yourself loose and investing in the part you're playing. Don't shy away from using the items at your disposal in your mock 'classroom'. Also, don’t hesitate to improvise on dialogue to keep the scenario interesting.
  • To prevent things from going overboard, remember to affirm each other's boundaries beforehand. Make sure that both of you are comfortable with your respective characters and the extent of play being performed.
  • Lastly, ensure that the roleplay ends on a positive note for both partners. Share feedback about what you enjoyed the most or what could be improved next time. Both the 'teacher' and 'goth girl' have different power dynamics and this reversal can lead to an exciting exploration of your sex life.

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