Global Economic Ups and Downs date idea illustration

Global Economic Ups and Downs

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: Variable

In this roleplay, couples engage in a heated yet playful debate about the effects of globalization on the economy. It's a meeting of minds and desires where persuasive arguments meet flirtatious banter, leading to a fiery exploration of global economics.

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  • Partners take the roles of rival economists at an international summit, each representing the opposite sides of the globalization debate. One embodies the positive aspects, while the other underlines the negatives.
  • The 'debate' begins with the proponents of globalization highlighting its good effects: increased market efficiency, technological advancements, cross-border investments, cultural diffusion, and improved global communication.
  • Conversely, the opponent brings attention to the drawbacks: local job losses, uneven wealth distribution, cultural homogenization, exploitation of developing countries, and environmental degradation.

Preparation steps:

  • Research and jot down key points about the benefits and drawbacks of globalization on the economy, making sure to have a solid foundation for the debate.
  • Each person should prepare their best business attire, bringing out the 'economist' look with professional suits to make the roleplay more authentic.
  • Set up a debate area in the living room with chairs facing each other and have a timer ready to limit speaking times, adding a sense of urgency and competition.

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Some tips:

  • Maintain a balance between serious debate and playful flirting. Use strong, confident statements followed by teasing winks or sly smiles to keep the atmosphere charged.
  • After debating, the couple can hold a 'negotiation session' to reconcile the viewpoints, which naturally evolves into a more intimate connection as a metaphor for global cooperation.
  • To expand the roleplay beyond the initial session, consider drafting a 'Global Treaty of Love' summarizing the couple's points of agreement and compromise, perhaps with some bedroom clauses.

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