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Gladiator's Prize

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $100-$200

This scenario draws on the sensual, powerful dynamics between a gladiator and a noblewoman in Ancient Rome. Experience the rough charm of the arena and the delicacy of a luxurious villa all in one exciting role play.

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  • In this scenario, one partner will be taking on the role of a gallant gladiator, while the other will play the part of a wealthy, sultry noblewoman. The game starts with the gladiator showing off his/her strength and prowess in a mock fight (be creative and safe). With the 'live' audience cheering, the noblewoman partner watches with hidden intrigue. Every show of strength is met with a coy look, every calculated swing followed by a seductive smile. As the battle concludes, the noblewoman invites the victorious gladiator to her villa to treat him to a 'feast'.
  • At the lavish villa (which is your bedroom decked out in soft fabrics, scented candles and dim lighting), the noblewoman, wrapped in a luxurious roleplay dress, tempts the gladiator with exotic 'food' (escape creatively using various fruits or other aphrodisiac foods). Gentle touches, flirtatious exchanges, and intense eye contact mark the night. The casual brushing of the hand, the shared laughter, and eventually, the pull that brings them against each other all adds to the atmosphere. With tension filling the room, it descends into a night of passionate romance between the contrasting personalities.
  • The night is filled with the exchanged lessons of strength and tenderness, with the couple teaching and learning from each other. The gladiator tends to the noblewoman's body with firm yet gentle touch as they explore their way around each other. The noblewoman, on the other hand, uses her elegance and indulges the gladiator with bricks of desire. This dynamic interchange of passion embodies the whole concept of the game.

Preparation steps:

  • Before the roleplay, discuss boundaries, safe words, and what each of you is comfortable with including in the scenario. Set up your space to resemble an 'arena' for the gladiator to 'fight'. This could be your living room, for example, then for the next scene, prepare the bedroom to be reminiscent of a Roman noblewoman's villa. For the wardrobe, the person playing the gladiator will need 'Gladiator' costume, while the person playing the noble woman will need 'Noblewoman' costume. Prepare certain props like faux weapon for the gladiator scene and acting materials for the 'dinner' part of the play.
  • Music plays a vital part in setting the atmosphere. Prepare a playlist with ambient tunes that go with the theme. Lower, rhythmic beats for the 'battle' part and something sensual and slow for the luxurious villa phase.
  • Move furniture away to make room for the roleplay, ensure there are no dangerous items around. It's about fun and safety. You should also take some time to research a bit of history that will help enrichen your role play.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Keep in mind that this scenario relies heavily on the dynamics between the characters, so the more you commit to the roles, the more fun it will be. Keep the mood light and take the time to truly enjoy each phase of the roleplay.
  • Remember to respect the safe words and boundaries set by you and your partner. The gladiator's 'fight' should be playful and not actually dangerous.
  • Lastly, spend enough time in the 'feasting' scene. It's the scene where you'll be teasing and tantalizing each other. Take it slow and enjoy the build-up.

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