Giantess Goddess and Tiny Human date idea illustration

Giantess Goddess and Tiny Human

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$100

In this scenario, the woman embodies a giantess goddess controlling her universe, while the man takes the role of a smart yet completely submissive human. High on creativity and fun, this roleplay scenario brings out fantasy, power dynamics, and a dash of humor.

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  • In this scenario, the woman assumes the role of a giantess goddess, ruling her world with grace and power. The man, on the other hand, takes the role of a tiny but smart human just trying to survive in this vast universe. His intelligence and charm are his only weapons. Roleplay begins in the 'giantess's palace' which can be a decorated corner of the house to set the mood for the evening. A place where the 'human' begs and pleads for the 'goddess's' mercy. Maybe he's committed a crime, or maybe he's looking for favor. It’s up to you to decide.
  • The goddess can be condescending, amused, cruel, or flirtatious. In turn, the human can be intimidated, awed, defiant, or flirtatious. Let the scene play out with a power struggle, a challenge posed by the goddess or a test which the human has to excel. The roleplay climaxes with either the goddess granting pardon or the human tricking her into something earthing. This scenario is highly adaptable and can be changed or extended according to your preferences.
  • Remember, this roleplay is not about size, but about power. The 'human' being 'tiny' is symbolic of the power dynamics, not the physical size. Use creative ways to emphasize the power dynamics, like the goddess doing everything for the human - pouring him a drink, picking and deciding what to eat, etc.

Preparation steps:

  • This scenario requires ample creative inputs from both partners. To help you get into character, costumes can be used. The woman can wear a 'Sexy adult goddess outfit' to represent the Giantess, while the man can dress modestly. Use household items for props, such as a 'throne' for the goddess made from cushions or sheets, or a miniature 'city' made from building blocks or legos.
  • To set a sensual ambiance and create a more 'giant' perspective, use low angle lighting with warm hues. A little bit of makeup and perfume for the goddess can truly set the mood, making her more desirable and intimidating. Choose a part of your house to set-up your role-play scene with enough space for the 'human' to wander around.
  • Create a story or situation. Like a crime committed by the 'human' and what punishment or tests he must pass to earn the goddess's pardon. This helps in keeping the role play focused and more engaging.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always have a safe word that either partner can use at any time to stop the role-play if it becomes uncomfortable. Ensure both you and your partner know and are comfortable with the limits.
  • Remember, the goal of this role play is to explore your dominant and submissive sides. Don't get too tied up in the specifics of the 'size' aspect of the Goddess and human - the 'giantess' doesn't actually have to 'shrink' her partner, it's all about power dynamics.
  • Enjoy and experiment! This scenario offers a lot of opportunities for improvisation and humor. Keep the atmosphere light and fun, and feel free to try different things. Don't worry if you burst out laughing in the middle of the scene. It's all part of the fun! Everyone's idea of what a 'goddess' or β€˜tiny human’ should be can vary, so make the characters your own.

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