Genshin Impact Roleplay: Romance in the Library date idea illustration

Genshin Impact Roleplay: Romance in the Library

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

Get whisked away in a fantasy world in this Genshin Impact-themed roleplay that's enjoyable and free. Set in 'Mondstadt', your living room or bedroom permutates into a town's enchanting library. In this setup, one partner becomes Lisa, a smart and beguiling librarian, and the other transforms into adventurous Aether.

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  • The scenario begins with Aether entering Lisa's library, a well-read traveler looking for some new scrolls or books to indulge in. Lisa, the wonderful librarian, assists Aether in locating the right books. As the plot thickens, Lisa demonstrates a tilted interest in Aether's adventurous tales. The action then begins when Lisa finds an excuse to 'study' alongside Aether, giving them plenty of alone time.
  • This roleplay scenario provides an excellent way to stimulate intellect and physical passions. Lisa's flirtations and approach towards Aether can be mirrored and adapted to meet the couple's tastes. Aether, eager for the knowledge, may reveal an unknown admiration for Lisa, manifesting into a heartfelt and intimate encounter.
  • The scenario escalates when they discover a 'forbidden' scroll, appropriately labeled 'book of love rituals.' One thing leads to another, and the library’s silence shatters with impassioned whispers. The silver moonlight outside washing over countless books inside sets a perfect romantic scenery.

Preparation steps:

  • Preparing the home to fit the theme is simple if you own books. Arrange the books on a table or a bookshelf, with a few scrolls or parchments (or papers that appear like it) mixed in between them. A candle or two can help set the ambiance. Choose your costume according to the character you're role-playing. Lisa's outfit can be represented with a simple purple dress, glasses, and a 'Sexy adult witch hat'. Aether can look the part with a plain white shirt and a pair of brown trousers or jeans.
  • Before starting the roleplay, both partners should familiarize themselves with the characters they'll be portraying. Aether is an adventurous traveler and is always excited and curious, while Lisa is a smart, flirtatious, and a bit whimsical.
  • Music also plays a part in establishing the roleplay atmosphere. Search for 'Mondstadt' theme on Youtube, or any peaceful instrumental music will give the same effect. Lower the volume so it creates a background melody, adding depth to your characters and scenario.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Ensure that both partners are comfortable with the setting and roleplay. Communication is key; discuss beforehand about any specifics to include or avoid in the scenario.
  • The scenario encourages exploration and curiosity. Adapt it to your liking and remember that it's more about mutual pleasure and less about acting. Feel free to go off-script whenever you want; this is your story.
  • Lastly, ensure enough space to play out the scenario. Clear any clutter or sharp items since movement may become a bit energetic as the act intensifies. Make sure to have comfortable seating and enough pillows or cushions.

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