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General's Forbidden Love

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $100 - $150

This couple roleplay brings the passion of a forbidden story within the military theme, with a cold-hearted General and a kind-hearted Training Solider. A scenario full of love, drama, jealousy, and betrayal - this roleplay aims to bring your fantasy to life while appealing to those who enjoy dramatic forbidden love stories.

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  • The scenario starts when the Training Solider is called to the general's office for a private briefing. It is evening, and the office is only lit by the antique desk lamp. The Solider enters bravely, ready to face the General, who is known for his cold and ruthless demeanor. Yet, the Solider doesn’t fear him.
  • As the Solider reports to him, the General begins to reveal softer sides of him to the Solider. The scene shifts as the briefing turns into a late dinner where the General gets caught up in the moment and ends up confessing his feelings for the Solider despite knowing it's forbidden.
  • The confession is followed by intricate, intimate details where the General surrenders his power temporarily and gives in to the forbidden love. The are passionate encounters hidden within strong walls, where both love and duty are intertwined.

Preparation steps:

  • Before undertaking this roleplay scenario, it's necessary to get into the characters. The General should maintain an authoritative demeanor, showcasing his power but also his secret longing. The Solider, on the other hand, must emanate strength, but also a certain kindness and understanding to melt the General's cold heart.
  • To make the scene realistic, try to adapt a room to resemble a General's office. This might include maps, a grand wooden desk, some books and military artifacts. Have a dimly lit room to set the mood.
  • Discuss the progression of the story beforehand. This roleplay involves a delicate balance of power play and mutual consent to make the characters’ dynamics work.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Get into character: The General should practice being authoritative and dominant in conversation, while the Solider should show strength through kindness.
  • Use props: Whether it's a stylized military costume or a piece of military equipment, props help set the scene and make the roleplay more believable.
  • Practice safe and consensual play: As this scenario involves lots of power play and domination, it's essential that all activities are consensual, and everyone is comfortable with what's happening. Use safe words if necessary.

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