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Furry roommates

Duration: All day
Budget: $500 - $1000

For furry lovers, why not inject some of that furry fun into your roleplay? Bringing this fun theme into your sexual roleplay makes for an exciting and thrilling experience that amps up the anticipation and amplifies desire.

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  • Welcome to the cozy world of furry living. Transform your home into a furry paradise for a day. Both Taylor and yourself will morph into playful, adventurous furries, living as roommates. Your dusty old library transforms into a den, or a bedroom into a cozy furry nest. Throughout the day, engage with each other as the characters you've chosen. As the day draws to a close, the fun just begins. Your fursonas can explore each other and grow close, taking a walk on the wild side in the bedroom. With your home as your playground equipped to your liking, the setting intensifies the furry roleplay. Lighting should be soft and inviting, and everything should encourage you to break free of your human roles, diving into this universe where you and your partner take center stage. When night falls, your fursonas can get sexy and steamy, all while embodying the spirit of these characters.
  • To add more intrigue and fun, consider having a storyline for your fursonas. Maybe they have been living together for a while and are just now noticing how attractive they find each other or perhaps they have always had a thing for each other and are just now having the guts to act on it.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, you'll need furry costumes or 'fursuits'. They should reflect the character you want to portray. You can choose characters that excite you or complement each other. Tailoring these suits to your liking will bring out that unique furry experience. Also, fluffy throws and pillows wouldn’t go amiss for your nest.
  • Next, work on your setting. Reinvent a particular area in your home to be a coach, forest, or whatever setting fills your furry fantasy. Go all out to make space as authentic as possible. You can even use DIY kits to recreate your dream landscape inside your house.
  • Lastly, settle on your storyline, characters, and roles. The success of this role play greatly depends on how much thought you put into this. What's the history between these characters? What obstacles do they have to overcome to be together?

You may need

Some tips:

  • Make sure to pick characters that you're both comfortable with. This matters as you'll be embodying them throughout the role play, and it’s crucial for mutual comfort and satisfaction.
  • Also, ensure that your costumes are not too complicated to remove, especially in the heat of the moment. You wouldn't want the excitement to wane because you’re both struggling to undress. Preferably, the costume should have fastenings or Velcro for easy removal when things heat up.
  • Lastly, remember to keep an open mind and maintain a playful attitude. It's meant to be fun! And who knows? You might uncover another level to your sexual exploration that was previously uncharted. Perhaps being a furry not only tickles your imagination but your fancy too?

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