Fun Friday - Indoor PC Gaming Marathon

Duration: 5-6 hours
Budget: $0

Step into the virtual world and immerse yourselves into a variety of games that can create unique memories. The goal isn't to win, but to enjoy, learning more about each other's strengths and having fun in the process. This long, free, evening date involves a series of competitive in-house gaming sessions, designed to test your cooperation, competitiveness and fun factor.

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  • In the heart of a pleasant September evening, you set up your gaming station for two. You've downloaded a variety of games - competitive, cooperative, and some where you'll have to work together. As the hours flow, you share laughs, show off your skills and possibly light-hearted bickering over scores.
  • In between gaming marathons, you spend your 'breaks' fixing quick snacks together and sharing stories. The night draws longer, but there's no place both of you would rather be. You're building virtual adventures, but what you're truly building are sweet memories to reflect on later.
  • As the night draws to a close, you end with a game you both love. The hours you've invested into this gaming marathon will be a sweet memory etched into your love story. An evening well spent in your very own cozy gaming hub, without even having to leave the house.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare for this date by creating a comfortable gaming station with two chairs and two PCs - whether it's in the living room or the bedroom. Make sure both PCs are well-equipped with chosen games installed and audio-video settings adjusted to perfection. Don't forget to add two pairs of headphones to the mix.
  • Next, decide on the games you'd both enjoy. It could be anything from co-op adventure games to competitive eSports titles. Make sure you install and update everything before the gaming marathon begins to avoid any lags or interruptions.
  • Lastly, prepare a stash of your favourite snacks and drinks for the long gaming night. Make sure the surroundings are casual and cozy so that you both can feel relaxed throughout the night.

Some tips:

  • Ensure that you keep the event a surprise. You can begin by subtly inquiring about their favorite online games without giving away the plan.
  • Make sure the gaming PCs are in top shape, with updates, patches and drivers well installed and checked in advance. Slow games or faulty graphics can hamper the good fun mood.
  • Remember, the objective is not to win or to be the best gamer, but to spend quality time together. It's okay to lose as long as you both are having fun in the process. The evening is about connection and shared experiences, not winning or losing.

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