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From Coffee to Cocktails

Duration: From mid-day to midnight
Budget: Around $200

This unique scenario is designed to deliver a day filled with laughter, surprises, drinks, and passion. The narrative begins in the cosy ambiance of a coffee shop during the day, moves on to a vibrant bar for the evening, and culminates in an intimate setting.

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  • Your role-play begins in a coffee shop mid-day. You are two strangers meeting for the first time, there to make each other laugh with your clever jokes and witty repartees. Build chemistry by suggesting coffee or desserts for each other, and indulge in friendly debates. Remember, your partner loves being funny and hates being a bore.
  • As the sun starts to set, your date migrates to a lively local bar - The Railway Hotel. The two of you are now comfortable acquaintances. Keep the surprises coming - dare each other for a game of pool or ordering a unique cocktail. During the night, subtly escalate the flirty touches and passionate glances.
  • Finally, when the setting is ripe, suggest a move to a more private location. This is where your night climaxes into a passionate midnight romp. Respect each other's boundaries, but don't forget to explore and enjoy each other's bodies.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, each person should prepare several jokes so that the date doesn't fall flat. Keep it light-hearted and fun. Secondly, be ready to suggest foods or drinks to the other player since your partner loves doing this. Make sure, however, that you respect any dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Dressing up for different parts of the date will add to the scenario. Wear casual yet attractive attire for the coffee shop meeting. For the bar, dress more provocatively. Pack any items you'll need later in the evening in your car in case you move to a more private location.
  • Stay informed about the menus of the coffee shop/bar so the suggestions you make are based on what's available. Remember that your partner loves surprises, so feel free to think outside the box here.

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Some tips:

  • Ensure to balance the light-hearted fun with passionate intimacy to maintain the excitement level throughout the day. Communicate openly and check in with your partner to reinforce that you're on the same page.
  • The transition from the coffee shop to the bar and then to a private setting should feel natural and not rushed. To make it even smoother, you can have a common activity like pool or darts at the bar.
  • The midnight passion session should be about exploration. Respect your partner's boundaries, but don't be afraid to guide them to new experiences, after getting their consent. Remember that this whole day is a build-up to this moment, making it as special as possible.

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