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Frisky Competition

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

This scenario draws on the dynamic tension between a senior and junior in a sports team, with a playful competition element. It captures the thrill of indoor sports, even more thrilling when taken into the realm of romance.

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  • Begin the roleplay as a senior member of the sports team and your partner, Tom, as the eager junior. Tom is awesome at sports, plus there's something about his sweaty feet that has always intrigued you. The setup involves you 'training' him a certain sports activity, like table tennis, or basic cardio workout. Make it fun, but also flirty, challenging him to matches and using this as an opportunity to get closer and teach him a few moves in a playful way.
  • As the game progresses, amp up the tension. Go from friendly senior to playful yet dominant coach, instructing him to do extra reps, asking him to demonstrate his moves, all while you watch intently and appreciatively. As your admiration for his abilities grows, let him in on the secret that you've been keeping - a rather unusual admiration for his sweaty feet., playing it off with lighthearted laughter and flirting.
  • End the night on a more intimate note. Play out the winner's celebration, turning the pretend admiration for his sweaty feet into a playful foot massage. This will serve as a great segue into the more lustful part of the evening.

Preparation steps:

  • You'll need to clear some space at home or recreate the atmosphere in your bedroom. Choose a particular sport that will allow for close physical contact, like indoor volleyball, table tennis, or a simple exercise routine. Dress the part of a convincing senior member, maybe wear a whistle, a sweatband, and sports gear.
  • Set up a little training area at home, preferably where you can have some privacy. Gather your 'training' equipment - it could be a table tennis set, yoga mats, or exercise bands. Anything you need to practice the chosen sport.
  • As part of the preparation, discuss the scenario with Tom and ensure he's comfortable with each part. This roleplay scenario, after all, requires active participation and the willingness to embrace a spirit of fun competitive play.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Take the time to warm up and ease into the role. Act like a coach, joking around, and being playfully authoritative to get in character.
  • Truly be in the moment, savor each and every point of the game, and make small flirtatious references and innuendos to get him excited about the more intimate parts of the night.
  • Finally, when you move toward the more intimate part of the evening, make sure you express your admiration for his moves openly. This unexpected compliment will throw him off guard, make him blush, and add to the excitement of the moment. Use the foot massage as a way to transition smoothly into the sensuous part of the scenario.

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