Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

Inspired by the sultry voice of the Sound of Music, immerse yourself and your partner in an enticing world of desire and passion, fueled by the power of words and imagination. A night of erotic poetry reading surely brings the intimacy you crave for your romantic escapade without spending a dollar. Its setting is perfect for the cosy, chilly month of October where staying indoors fuels the romantic fire within.

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  • Start the evening by preparing a comfy corner in your home, with dim lights and the scent of your favorite candles. You both take turns reading aloud erotic poems or excerpts from a sultry novel. Each word should be savored and tasted like expensive wine. Look deep into each other’s eyes as your voice carries the heat of the words you utter. The sweet exchange of glances and the rising tension are sure to set the mood. Play with the pace of your reading, faster in passion, slower in the intimate parts. See where the night leads you as poetry becomes foreplay in this realm of desire.

Preparation steps:

  • Prior to your night, search online for a collection of erotic poems or passages from sexy novels. Print them out or save them onto your device for easy reading. Choose pieces that resonate with your desires and that you believe will ignite remnant flames in your partner. Set the stage for your recital by making a cosy space in your home. Dim the lights, scatter some throw pillows on the floor, and light a few scented candles. The ambience should ooze intimacy and relaxation. Maybe even slip into something more comfortable - perhaps a sexy piece of lingerie or a loose shirt with nothing underneath. The key is to be comfortable and enticing.

Some tips:

  • In erotic poetry reading, take your time. You're not in a race. Haste can ruin the mood. Savour the words you read, get lost in the fantasies they describe. During your turns, tease your partner. Let your fingers wander around their body, tracing invisible lines of desire. Don’t rush into getting physical, spend time building up the tension. If your partner is okay with it, introducing blindfolds can heighten their senses, making every touch electric. Create an atmosphere of anticipation and desire that lets the poems do the seducing, while you and your partner become lost in mutual fantasies.

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