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Forced Alliance Behind Closed Doors

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $0

Draw yourselves into an intriguing scenario based on a forced alliance between a humble girl, Maggie, and prideful Scaramouche, son of Ei Raiden. Experience the complexities of their dynamic in Inazuma traditions while indoors, perfect for the month of October. Ignite the tension and eventually a bond as you play through this scenario.

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  • Start with the first meeting. Scaramouche, the son of Ei Raiden is coming to meet Maggie, a commoner for the first time after their arranged marriage. You can experience the tension and awkwardness of the situation where two people from entirely different backgrounds are forced to live together.
  • In the second act, portray Maggie trying to understand Scaramouche's way of life, his etiquette, and traditions, which he's inherited from his mother, Ei Raiden, the archon of Inazuma. Meanwhile, Scaramouche grudgingly adapts to this sudden change in his life.
  • Finally, a hint of warmth begins to develop in their relationship as they gradually understand each other better. They see how they complement each other perfectly, how they fill the gaps in each other's life. The night ends with a deeper understanding and an unexpected bond formed between Maggie and Scaramouche.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare for this scenario by doing a bit of research about Inazuma traditions and customs. Dress up as Maggie and Scaramouche, don't forget to incorporate elements of their personalities into your attire.
  • Set your home to mimic the ambiance of a house in Inazuma, using the warm, cozy October weather as your companion. Be sure to have a traditional Inazuma meal planned out for the evening.
  • Over dinner, start the role-play of Maggie and Scaramouche's awkward yet intriguing first meeting. This scenario will transport you to a different world. All the elements play an important part, from the traditional Inazuma living space to the characters you will take on.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Make sure you both are comfortable with the scenario and the characters you are playing. Constant clear communication is key.
  • Remember to take time to physically prepare yourself and your setting before jumping right into the role-play.
  • Try to understand the characters and the depth in them. This will not just make the characters more believable but will also enhance your overall roleplaying experience.

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