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Forbidden Desires

Duration: 3 - 4 hours
Budget: $100

It's a quiet late autumn day and you two are almost too comfortable at your childhood home. This forensic scenario examines the taboo theme of brother and sister exploring their intimacy. Don't worry - it's all about acting out the forbidden desires. The roles, whispers, and touches all point to a familiar theme, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

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  • The scenario starts when both of you move into a remodeled attic as grown-up siblings having to share a room due to circumstances. The friction of sharing a small space with a person of the opposite sex causes tension both of you didn't expect. As conversations slowly turn into discreet teasing, you find yourselves crossing a few lines inside the small room.
  • In the game of Truth or Dare you initiated to kill time, a bold question slipped: 'Who was your first crush?' a harmless yet flirty game of Truth or Dare begins, eventually leading you both further into uncharted territories.
  • A stolen kiss was the breaking point, triggering suppressed desires and escalating into a scene of passionate lovemaking, all the while maintaining the character of a caring brother and sister.

Preparation steps:

  • In preparing for this, both of you should make sure to mentalize the scenario, understand the boundaries and ensure both partners are comfortable. It is essential that both of you discuss beforehand what is okay and what is off-limits to avoid any unwanted discomfort during your intimate roleplay.
  • Set the ambiance by keeping the room dimly lit, cozy and warm. To make the atmosphere more realistic, you can bring in some items reminiscent of the past - old photo albums, books, or board games. Think of your room’s decor as well!
  • Choose a costume that meets your partner's preferences - perhaps, a 'Sexy adult school uniform' for both sexes. Clothing is an important part of the roleplaying, allowing you to slip into your characters easier.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always remember that both of you are just roleplaying; no ethical boundaries are really being crossed. Ensure that both of you are comfortable with the situation.
  • We advise keeping open lines of communication before, during, and after the play. Check in with your partner on their okay, and not okay list frequently, and be ready to stop if the scenario gets uncomfortable for either of you.
  • The silent undertones and low lighting can add a touch of realism to your scene. Use whispers, subtle body language, and eye contact to communicate your desires. Don't rush the scenario; the build-up is an integral part of the experience!

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