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Forbidden Attractions

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: Varies

In this exciting roleplay scenario, two siblings find themselves caught in a game of seduction during a house party. This forbidden attraction scenario will play on the edge of taboo, allowing the couple to explore their secret fantasies within the safe confines of roleplay.

  • Imagine that you're both attending a house party thrown by friends. You're siblings who always had a competitive side, trying to outshine each other in everything you do. Tonight, the game is about who can be the most charming and seductive, however, the alcohol and the electric atmosphere make you realize the game is turning real.
  • The party is buzzing with people, music is thumping through the house, and everyone is in high spirits. You find yourselves alone for a moment in the dimly lit library, and before you know it, a flirtatious battle ensues. With each cheeky comment and daring glance, the tension rises.
  • As brother and sister, there's a playful rivalry between you that naturally escalates into a provocative dance of forbidden desires. You can't let your friends catch on to the sultry undercurrent between the two of you, so every whisper, touch, and tease must be concealed behind playful jests and competitive banter.

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