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Flat World Fantasy

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

Immerse yourselves in a humorous and cartoon-themed roleplay where one plays the role of 'Aplastador', the flattener, and the other becomes 'La Aplastada', the flattened. Step into a world where the laws of physics are bent, and where being flattened is a reversible and lighthearted act of affection and playful dominance.

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  • Your home transforms into a realm straight from an animated caper where the flat is fun. The 'Aplastado', or the one being flattened, wears clothes with cartoonish print while the 'Aplastador,' the flattener, dons a costume reminiscent of a playful and exaggerated cartoon character.
  • Start with a staged confrontation where the 'Aplastador,' in their zestful pursuit, ends up 'flattening' their partner, mimicking a scene straight out of a cartoon with playful banter and exaggerated expressions. For added effect, use large pieces of cardboard cut out in human shapes that the 'Aplastada' can hide behind to create a visual gag of them being flattened.
  • To conclude the roleplay, the 'Aplastador' revives their flattened partner using humorous and loving actions, such as pretend inflation or cartoon-style 'magic' that allows their partner to return to their original form, ending with tender cuddles and affectionate embrace.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for this roleplay, you'll need to set up your living space to mimic a cartoon world. Move furniture to create an open play area and use colorful sheets or drapes to serve as the backdrop for your imaginary land.
  • Create the flattening props using cardboard, cut out to human size, and painted to look like a flat version of the 'Aplastada'. You can also use pillows or cushions to simulate the flattening process in a fun and safe way.
  • You'll want to gather some playful cartoon-themed costumes or accessories to get into character. Piece together outfits that are absurdly exaggerated or stuffed to give that cartoonish, over-the-top look.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Prioritize safety by ensuring that all physical interactions are gentle and that any 'flattening' is simulated with props or visual tricks.
  • Use sound effects, like the comical sounds from cartoons, to make the 'flattening' moments feel more playful and less serious.
  • After the roleplay, take some time to reconnect, discuss what aspects you both enjoyed, and how you can potentially incorporate them into future roleplay scenarios.

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