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Filipino Future Leaders

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

Take on the roles of two influential people who aspire to make a positive change to their country, through strong education and moral character. This scenario allows you, and your partner, to fantasize about the future of the Philippines, and how you both can shape it.

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  • Tonight, you are not just yourselves, you are prospective leaders of the Philippines. Begin the roleplay with your partner Daniel - discussing as two influential people over a homemade dinner. The topic of discussion is 'Improving the Philippines through education and a strong moral base'. Express your views ardently, do not hold back your passion for your beloved country. The conversation heats up, leading to a reactive debate filled with mutual respect. Ever as it gets heated, it ends with a harmonious resolution to work together for a better country.
  • Take your meaningful discussion to the next phase. Pretend to gather your fellow citizens (use your plushies or pillows) for an assembly in your living room. Here, conduct speeches, sharing your respective thoughts and plans for the country. Give each other supportive yet constructive feedback on the 'speeches'. Watch the passion in each other's eyes as you speak from the heart.
  • As your citizens retire for the evening, stay together, discussing the day’s events. Share a sweet yet intense moment, a homage to your shared goals and dreams before retiring to bed together. It's a night filled with dreams of making a better future for the Philippines!

Preparation steps:

  • This roleplay requires no special preparations. Wear what makes you feel comfortable yet confident. The only major requirement for this roleplay is a well-prepared stance towards the role. Research a bit about the Philippines' current scenarios, what can be done to improve the situation, and how can you play a role in it. Learn about the current state of education and governance.
  • Next, plan a simple dinner. Cooking together can be a great way to begin the roleplay. Discuss your stances and views on the roles you'll be playing during the cooking process. Prepare your 'assembly' in the living room using your plushies or pillows.
  • Remember the motive of the roleplay, be sensitive about your partner's views and beliefs and maintain respect even during your debates during the play. Mutual respect will lead to an even more intense and connected roleplay.

Some tips:

  • To make this roleplay more engaging, both should research beforehand about the topics you choose. This will make the discussion more fruitful and passionate. Don't just pretend, give your thoughts and argue on the points you genuinely believe in. Converting the play into a productive discussion can also make it more fruitful.
  • Do not overlook the importance of respect during the roleplay. As the topic might get heated, keeping the respect and affection towards each other should be a primary focus. It could also be beneficial to set some ground rules about lines not to be crossed.
  • Finally, to end the night, a sweet and simple cooking session would be a good option. During cooking, you could discuss the roleplay, interactions and the ideas generated out of this play. Remember, the play does not end with the debate, it ends when you retire for the night. The small discussions, understanding and bonding after the debate are what this roleplay is all about.

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