Fantasy Novel Adventure with TMNT Theme date idea illustration

Fantasy Novel Adventure with TMNT Theme

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $200-$300

This roleplay scenario revolves around a stimulating story centered on the rib-tickling elements of TMNT and the magical world of fantasy writing. As a writer of fantasy books, one partner gets to imagine the most extraordinary adventures, while the other, a TMNT character trains in ninjutsu and hones his skills. This roleplay scenario will enthuse your partner's interest in meditation, learning new things and your love for fantasy world crafting a spell-bound evening filled with laughter, action and passion.

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  • Your evening kicks off at a luxurious vintage library around New York City, the walls lined with both timeless classics and contemporary brilliance. One of you, as the fantasy writer, sits behind an antique writing desk crafting intriguing stories, while the other partner roleplays as Leonardo from TMNT, practicing his ninjutsu moves and taking meditation breaks.
  • Surrounded by the cozy ambiance of the library and the scent of old books, your reimagined story begins to take shape. The writer will find themselves narrating a fascinating journey of Leonardo, adding passionate encounters, testing his courage, and involving unexpected twists.
  • As the story unfolds, you get to play out some of the scenarios, adding a thrilling dimension to your role-play. Engage in physical activities, creating an action-packed ‘training session’ or take it slow with the calming meditation breaks. You might even find yourselves in close encounters, just as the writer 'scripts' it.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for this roleplay scenario, you need to get your costumes ready. As a writer, you could choose a classic tweed suit with a pair of smart glasses for a 'writerly' look. Alternatively, for the Leonardo character, a TMNT outfit is a must. It would add a humorous and playful touch to the role-play.
  • You also need to brush up on TMNT knowledge, especially if you're going to play Leonardo. Get into character and study his personality traits, his style of fighting, his favorite phrases, and more.
  • Do a little research on the library venue you’ve chosen. Note its closing times, its policies on costumes, and its quieter spots. To add to the realism, the writer might want to bring a vintage-looking notebook and pen to 'script' the story.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Focus on keeping the atmosphere light-hearted and fun-filled, balancing humor with more passionate parts of your role-play. Have an open mind, embrace all the silliness and deep sentiment.
  • It would be great if the writer can think of a brief outline of the story in advance. Don't script everything, leave room for spontaneity and improvisation. The most important part is to keep the story interactive.
  • For the Leonardo roleplayer, practice some 'moves' beforehand — it could be anything from playful kicks and jumps to skillful wielding of imaginary katanas. Remember, this role-play is supposed to be amusing and not serious combat training!

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