Exploring Ancient Heritage of İzmir date idea illustration

Exploring Ancient Heritage of İzmir

Duration: 8 hours
Budget: $40

Navigate through the marvellous ancient structures of İzmir, absorbing the beauty and the diamantine heritage at a relaxed pace, discussing and sharing historical interests

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  • Begin your date with a visit to the Ancient city of Agora, immersing yourself in the historic ambience filled with galleries, artifacts and cascading portals. Kathodos and Anodos streets awaits your exploration. After that, proceed to the iconic Kemeralti market, offering everything from local delicacies to colourful fabrics to antique items. Don't forget to taste the famous salep and Turkish tea available in this bustling market.
  • Conclude your date with a romantic walk by the Kordon seaside during the sunset. Viewing the setting sun from Asansor Deniz Cafe is an ethereal experience. Here, amidst the enchanting aura of Izmir, feel a closer bond with your partner as the evening unwraps itself.
  • This date oozes with a sensation of discovery and a touch of romance, all while being friendly to your pocket.

Preparation steps:

  • Ensure you have a light backpack carrying essentials like water, sunblock, and basic medical aids. Dress up comfortably to accommodate the walking and exploration.
  • Start your day early to utilize your time effectively. The sunrise in Izmir is enchanting, it adds a piece of charm to the historic structures and makes the walk more enjoyable.
  • Prior knowledge of the places to visit would make the experience more interesting and enriching. A quick background research on İzmir's historic sites, their legends and stories must enhance your enjoyment immensely.

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Some tips:

  • Be considerate of the historic sites, avoid littering and causing any harm to the structures. Appreciating the age-old legacy of İzmir would make your date a more cherished experience.
  • Try to bargain when you purchase anything from the Kemeralti market. You might be quoted a high price initially, but with friendly negotiations, you can get a fairer deal.
  • It's advisable to stay hydrated and wear comfortable shoes as exploration involves a lot of walking. Taking occasional breaks will make the date more enjoyable. Don't rush, enjoy the experience at a relaxed pace.

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