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Evening Tutoring

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: Free

This roleplay scenario is for those who enjoy a playful game of power dynamics and youthful innocence. Being Miss Abby Rachels, a seductive school teacher and Owen, a young, promising student can be an exciting and enjoyable experience as you both indulge in an erotic tutoring session.

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  • The scenario begins with Owen struggling with a difficult subject, say Algebra or Chemistry. Miss Abby Rachels offers to tutor him after class. They arrange to meet at Abby's house. Owen arrives, books in tow, ready to dive into an evening of study.
  • Abby, dressed in a 'Sexy adult teacher' outfit, welcomes Owen and sets a warm, but professionally distant atmosphere. Throughout the evening, she keeps dropping subtle hints about her availability, her loneliness and her attraction towards Owen. As he notices, the atmosphere changes from professional to flirtatious.
  • The tutoring session takes a suggestive turn as Miss Abby 'accidentally' brushes her hand against Owen's. From there, things progressively heat up, with an impromptu lesson on human anatomy or a diagram which 'coincidentally' looks a bit too sensual.

Preparation steps:

  • To make your roleplay more believable and hotter, Abby would need to dress the part. A 'Sexy adult teacher' outfit consisting of a fitted skirt, blouse, and glasses would do. Owen should come reasonably smart, mirroring a typical high school student.
  • Setting up the place is also important. Arrange the sitting room or study to look like a tutoring area with a table, chairs and schoolbooks. Leave most of the room dimly lit, accentuating the 'study' area with task lighting for a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Abby can prepare by rehearsing some textbook dialogues, problems and examples. The key is to make the tutoring seem as professional as possible, at least in the beginning.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Start your roleplay with a casual conversation about school and move gradually to the subject topic. Keep it professional and let the flirty dialogues and actions come naturally with the flow.
  • Abby should take the lead, controlling the pace and direction of the scenario. Owen can respond and play along, contributing to the plot twists.
  • Finally, always respect each other’s boundaries and have a safe word ready if things get too intense. It might take a while to fully immerse yourself in the roleplay, but once you do, it will surely add a fun twist to your relationship.

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