Estonian Adventure Extravaganza

Duration: 6 hours
Budget: $100

Discover the beauty, charm, and excitement of Tartu, Estonia together. From exploring ancient ruins to enjoying tranquil gardens, you'll share unique experiences that are sure to make lasting memories.

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  • Begin your journey at the Tartu Cathedral, one of the most iconic landmarks this city has to offer. Explore the remaining majestic towers that echo stories of the past. Once you've climbed to the top, take in the breathtaking view of the city and the University of Tartu. Marvel at the architecture and feel the history. Grasp each other's hand tightly, fearless in your exploration.
  • Next, take a romantic walk to the University of Tartu Botanic Garden. Be captivated by the stunning sights and smells that surround you, from rare’ exotic plants to beautifully arranged flower beds. As you wander through the gardens, hold each other close, sharing private whispers and laughter. Get lost in the beauty of nature and the thrill of discovery together.
  • End your date with a romantic dinner at a local restaurant. Dig into authentic Estonian cuisine as you reminisce about the adventures of the day. Raise a glass to each other and to the memories made. This is not just a date - this is a shared adventure that you'll remember forever.

Preparation steps:

  • You'll need to be physically ready to walk and climb the steps at the Cathedral. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Keep a medium-sized bag handy to carry water, snacks, and a camera to capture all your memories.
  • Before the date, do a little research on the sites you will be visiting to make it more meaningful. Understanding the history behind these places can make your date extra special. You can also look up a few popular local restaurants and their most recommended dishes.
  • Lastly, always keep an eye on the weather. Even if it is a good sunny day, it's recommended to carry an umbrella or a raincoat, as sudden showers can be common in September.

Some tips:

  • Tartu is a city full of history and culture. Soak in as much as you can and make it a fun learning experience. Try using a map to navigate around instead of a navigation app, this could add to your adventure.
  • In the Botanic Garden, make sure you visit all the greenhouses and stare in awe at the exotic plant species. It can get quite warm inside the greenhouses, so dress accordingly.
  • While at dinner, try ordering some of the local Estonian dishes like 'Verivorst' (blood sausage) and 'SΓΌlt' (jellied meat). It's a great way to end a day of Estonian exploration.

Recommended locations:

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