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Escape Room Adventure in Kayseri

Duration: 1.5 hours
Budget: around 100 Turkish liras

Why not spice up your date by solving riddles, unlocking mysteries, and lifting the tensions together? This escape room adventure has just the right amount of thrill to make your day memorable without denting your pocket.

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  • You and your partner will be checking out the hottest escape room in Kayseri. As you step into the mysterious room, the clock starts ticking and your adrenaline jumps up. Can you both solve the puzzles to escape before the time runs out?
  • The puzzles are tricky but don’t worry, they’re not impossible. There’s also an emergency button just in case you need help, but trust your wit and work together! The escape room may be dimly lit, but your energy and attention will be high.
  • It won't be uncommon to see your partner in a different light, perhaps they're brilliant at decoding symbols or reading hidden messages. Defying the obstacles, solving challenging puzzles together will promote teamwork, communication, and in the end, victory.

Preparation steps:

  • Book a slot in your chosen escape room for an hour or two. Make sure it's a two-player friendly room.
  • Arrive a little early and grab a quick coffee nearby. This'll help you get into the mood and a bit more agreeable.
  • Dress comfortably and be prepared for an evening of brain teasing fun. Remember, these things are not just about escaping the room but about having fun while doing so.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Escape rooms can be surprisingly cryptic, don’t get frustrated if you can't unlock a specific mystery. Keep calm and keep trying!
  • Avoid consuming heavy meals just before the game. You wouldn't want your brain to be competing with your digestive system.
  • Don't forget to take pictures! A snapshot of frustration, teamwork, and finally euphoria can make a lasting memory of your evening.

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