Engineer's Code of Desire date idea illustration

Engineer's Code of Desire

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$100

An intimate, thrilling scenario for the engineer and call center themed roleplay date. The couple takes on the roles of an engineer and a call center lady, starting with a flirty conversation that eventually leads to a steamy meetup. This scenario is perfect for couples who love to indulge in intellectually stimulating banter before charging up the heat.

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  • The roleplay begins with the 'engineer' having an issue with a device. He calls up the 'call center' where his partner works. She answers in her official tone, asking about the issue. The engineer, on his part, flirts subtly and plants suggestive comments during the conversation. This goes on for a while, with the call center lady playing along, matching her partner in the flirty banter.
  • As the conversation heats up, the engineer proposes a risky idea - he needs personal assistance and asks the call center lady to come over. She hesitates at first, maintaining her professional tone, but finally gives in and decides to visit the engineer's residence.
  • Once the 'call center lady' arrives, the door is opened by the 'engineer' who has set the stage for a romantic evening. They dive into their roles with passionate kissing and touching and don't hold back when it comes to expressing their affection for one another, all while not losing their character.

Preparation steps:

  • The 'engineer' should prepare for an evening indoors, subtly turning the space into a soft seductive den. Dim lights, soft music, and some tantalizing scents can be used to set the mood. Preferably, dress in casual 'engineer-like' attire, to give more authenticity to your role.
  • The 'call center lady' should dress professionally but with a seductive touch. She should be ready with her office lingo and hold the firm professional tone but let her flirtatious side slip through her dialogues.
  • Because the scenario involves a lot of talking and intellectual banter, it will be beneficial for both the partners to prepare some flirty and playful lines beforehand. Go in detail about how the call center lady helps the engineer solving his problem before they finally meet in person.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Playing with the suggestive dialogues and matching each other’s energy will make the roleplay more exciting. Do not rush into things, let the conversation build up the anticipation.
  • Remember, it's all about the thrill of the chase. So, keep the early conversation professional with a hint of flirtation, slowly escalating as the scenario progresses.
  • The 'call center lady' should maintain a professional demeanor at the beginning of the roleplay, slowly loosening up as the scenario progresses. Maintain the element of surprise. Do not hesitate to improvise.

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