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End of the World Romance

Duration: A whole day
Budget: $0

In the aftermath of a catastrophic event that has wiped out mankind save for you two, your bond grows stronger than ever. You two are the only humans left on earth which leads to intense romantic moments in the quiet corners of the desolate New Orleans. The setting adds a deep drama and intimacy to your connection, offering a compelling backdrop for a unique intimate encounter. Many unique picturesque moments await you from a deserted French Quarter to the silence of the Garden District.

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  • Your exploration starts in the morning. You wake up in an abandoned mansion in the eerily quiet Garden District of New Orleans. The morning light shines through the cracked windows and you realize it’s just the two of you in this deserted world. You cuddle in the bed and enjoy the peace and quiet.
  • After some time, you decide to explore the city. Following the deserted St. Charles Avenue, you reach the French Quarter where live music once roared and people filled the streets. Now, all you hear is the wind blowing through the silent streets. You exchange knowing glances, a mixture of sadness and thrill, before finding a spot for a passionate interlude in one of the vacant jazz clubs.
  • As the sun begins to set, you make your way to the banks of the Mississippi River, where you share touching vows of being there for each other always. The final act of intimacy happens under the starlit sky, validating your commitment and desire for each other.

Preparation steps:

  • Start by mapping out your route through the city. Do a little research on locations that you particularly want to incorporate into your roleplay. While the thrill of exploration in this scenario is part of the fun, having a basic plan can avoid getting lost or running into any safety issues. Couples should prepare for their day long adventure by packing food and water.
  • Gear yourselves up in matching survivor outfits. Comfortable footwear is crucial as there's lots of walking involved in this roleplay. Don't forget to carry the necessary props as needed, like a journal to document your day or a camera for some candid shots.
  • To preserve the authenticity and atmosphere, don't use your phones or any form of modern-day technology, unless for emergency purposes. Only use props that fit the 'survivor' theme to keep the illusion intact.

You may need

Some tips:

  • As this roleplay is based on exploration, always make sure you're familiar with the area you're venturing into. Safety is primary. While exploring, make regular stops and use these intervals for intensifying your interaction.
  • Since the backdrop of this roleplay is a deserted world, it would enhance the experience if the chosen locations are relatively less crowded. Early mornings or late afternoons might be good times.
  • Engage with your partner and keep the conversation flowing. Talk about your 'survivor' experiences, share your fears, dreams, plans, and keep discovering each other. The main focus is to strengthen your bond and desire for one another.

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