Enchanting Booklovers & Crafties Date

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: $20

A romantic date that perfectly blends the love for books and handmade crafts with the quiet, peaceful atmosphere your partner cherishes. This cozy date allows you to immerse yourselves in the quietude of a library and also engage in a cute DIY craft session together.

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  • This date begins at a charming local library in Kyiv where you both could pick and share books that are dear to your hearts. The quiet and serene atmosphere of the library is perfect for those who eschew crowds and enjoy tranquility. The next part of the date is a fun DIY craft session at the local art and craft center. Here, you can paint together, create handmade crafts or even make personalized bookmarks for the books you selected earlier. It's a perfect combo of romance, creativity, and peace.
  • Finally, you can wrap up your date at a quiet park, simply enjoying the beauty of the fall's bloom and the comfort of each other's company. You could discuss the books, show each other the DIY crafts, and immerse yourselves in your shared love for literature and artwork.
  • This date is simple yet beautiful, full of quiet moments, shared experiences, and the realization of the adage 'less is indeed more'.

Preparation steps:

  • Start by researching local libraries in Kyiv that allow public access and have a good selection of literature. Once you have found the right library, find out about their opening hours and any potential fees (most likely free or very minimal). Next, identify an arts and craft center where you both can engage in some fun DIY activity. Most of these places provide the materials so you just have to show up and start creating.
  • Plan your date around their operating hours. Finally, choose a tranquil park where you can wrap up your date. Ensure the chosen park is not too crowded or noisy and has ample seating areas. Autumn in September makes this choice even more amazing due to the breathtakingly beautiful fall colors.
  • Remember, the goal of the date is to keep things simple, serene, and interactive. So avoid any place that might be loud or crowded. And don't forget to check the weather forecast for the day, especially if you're planning to spend time at a park.

Some tips:

  • Start the date at the library to indulge your shared love of books. It's a perfect place to connect intellectually. Encourage her to choose some of her favourite books for you and do the same for her. This is a great way to learn more about each other's interests.
  • During the craft session, be playful and help each other out. This builds intimacy and creates fun memories. Don't worry if you are not 'crafty', it's all in good fun and the objective is to enjoy the process and each other's company. You may also want to consider taking some snacks along, which you can enjoy at the park.
  • Always remember to respect your partner's love for quiet and calm places. The whole idea of this date is to bask in the serenity and enjoy each other's company without the hustle and bustle of the city intervening.

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