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Emo Love Story

Duration: 4-5 hours
Budget: $150

Experience the electrifying energy of the emo world. Relive the 2000s as you and your partner dress up in emo fashion and celebrate the love for emo music and culture.

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  • Your roleplay begins at a small underground rock concert in Saint Paul. You and Jordan, both dressed in typical emo fashion, are about to see your favorite band perform. You're the cool, mysterious emo girl, unnoticed in the crowd, and Jordan is the charismatic emo boy who plays his own music, capturing many hearts, including yours.
  • With the sounds of rock music echoing around the venue, Jordan spots you from across the room. He makes his way through the crowd, guitar in hand, asking if he could interest you in a private show after the concert. Rather than a typical date, he wants to jam together at a private music studio, exploring your shared love for rock and emo music, revealing his sensitive and creative side that only a few get to experience.
  • After the concert, you both head to a private music studio. Jordan lets you see his vulnerable and artistic side as he plays some of your favourite emo songs on his guitar. The night ends with a gentle guitar serenade followed by a passionate and heartfelt connecting moment.

Preparation steps:

  • For this roleplay, you both need to get into your typical 2000s emo attire. You could wear band tees, skinny jeans, and converse shoes with the emo-styled hair of jet black with a bright color highlight.
  • You also need to arrange tickets for the rock concert in advance. Make sure the band playing is something you both like, to enhance the experience.
  • Next, you need to book a music studio for a private jamming session after the concert. Make sure it is available, and all the equipment is working and tuned.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Practice your favorite emo songs to showcase your music prowess. Being able to play a song for your partner will add an intimate and personal touch to the roleplay.
  • Emo culture is very much tied to its music, and knowledge and appreciation of emo bands is key. Discuss your favorite bands and why they resonate with you, to bond over shared loves and indulge in friendly debates over different bands and songs.
  • Remember to respect real emo culture and nostalgia. This isn't about mocking or reducing the culture to stereotypes, but about embracing the spirit of emo culture and recapturing the magic of its heyday.

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