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Duas Esposas

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

Experience an afternoon of domestic serenity and intimacy as you and your partner delve into the roles of two loving wives. The scenario sets in cozy Brazil, where the weather is as warm as your passion for each other. Perfect for a day of role-playing that doesnโ€™t cost a thing but will leave a priceless memory.

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  • The scene starts with Sakura, the pregnant housewife, bustling around in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal. She is dressed in a comfy but attractive maternity dress, showing off her baby bump. She occasionally sings to the baby, showing her love and maternity glow.
  • Her partner, donned in soft, casual home wear, is hard at work, typing away on her laptop. She frequently glances over to Sakura, admiring her devotion and beauty. When Sakura announces that lunch is ready, she wraps up her work and moves to help set the table. Lunch is enjoyed with chats and banter.
  • After lunch, the partner helps Sakura with the dishes. The partner then wraps her arms lovingly around Sakura and places a soft kiss on her neck. A slow dance ensues in the kitchen to the lullaby Sakura often sings to the baby. The romantic dance leads to the living room couch where the scenario can transform into a more intimate setting.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare, pull together two outfits matching the characters - a comfortable yet sexy maternity dress for Sakura and a casual home working outfit for the partner. Make sure to prepare a meal, this adds authenticity to the role and also serves as a shared activity during the roleplay.
  • Although this is a role-play, the emotions and care need to be genuine, helping resonate the characters' emotions to the real world. It helps gently build anticipation and intimacy.
  • Have a playlist ready with soft romantic tracks for the lunch and the dance. Remember to set up a working station for the 'work from home' wife, making the scenario as realistic as possible. Keep the living room clean and comfortable for the closing intimate session.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Respect and understanding are crucial when one partner embodies the role of a pregnant woman. Pay attention to each other's comfort levels, keeping the role play enjoyable and respectful.
  • The work from home partner should try to incorporate the essence of a home office scenario, making it more realistic. Also, that partner can take frequent breaks to interact and pamper the pregnant partner.
  • Maintain the intimate atmosphere throughout the role play. Teasing, kissing, touching, and flirting throughout the scenario can effectively build anticipation and spice up the whole experience, making the final intimacy even more exciting and satisfying. However, always remember to communicate clearly about boundaries and consents in advance.

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