Dragon's Lair: Prince and Dragon Night date idea illustration

Dragon's Lair: Prince and Dragon Night

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: Low

Experience an adventure straight out of a fairy tale, playing roles that contrast the introverted temperament in a gentle yet exciting way. The passive-aggressive aspects of your companion could augments the dynamics of the story. The Prince's chivalry will contend with the fiery Dragon's caprice. Pleasure and fun will be found in the thrilling pursuit and exhilarating interaction.

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  • The scenario centres around your home, transformed imaginatively into a dragon's lair. The Dragon (partner 1) will take up residence in the 'lair', a cozy, soft blanket fort built in the living room, improving on the typically cold November nights. The Prince (partner 2) will try to negotiate and win the Dragon's favour. Riddles, compliments, and persuasive words can be the Prince's tools to satisfy the Dragon. Indulge in stolen kisses and soft whispers that escalate the tension. Finally, the Prince might have to face the Dragon's fiery side, leading to a passionate conclusion.
  • For added thrill, sight restrictions can be used - maybe the Dragon is initially blindfolded, relying on words, touch, and sound. As the Prince gains the Dragon's trust, the blindfold is removed. The exchange should be full of flirty banter and clever wordplay, a chance to showcase passive-aggressive spirits in a fun and loving environment.
  • Remember, the Dragon has designed the game, thus having the upper hand. The Dragon can use this power to tease and control the pace, while the Prince's mission is to charm and sway, using convincing words and gestures. If the Dragon is satisfied, who knows where the story might proceed?

Preparation steps:

  • Transform your living room into the dragon's lair. This may require shifting some furniture and draping blankets or sheets over them to create a cozy, secretive fort. Add pillows for that plush touch and fairy lights for a bit of mystique; ensure comfort and warmth for the cold German nights.
  • The Prince dons his 'Sexy Adult Prince Costume' and the Dragon wears the 'Sexy Adult Dragon Dress'. Setting the mood with ambient music in the background can help if both partners are introverted. And if the Dragon is particularly shy, creating a 'script' or guidance notes beforehand might aid in getting the roleplay script off to a good start.
  • Decide on what bargaining chips the Prince has, these can be compliments, tasks, or simple tokens of affection. Moreover, come up with some riddles or challenges the Dragon can put forth. The Dragon's cryptic challenges and the Prince's endeavours to overcome them will amplify the excitement.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Ensure you are enthused by your respective roles and give each other the freedom to be creative and express yourselves within the roleplay. If one of you is shy, encourage playful exchanges while respecting boundaries. Safe words are always a good idea too. Remember, it's supposed to engage you both.
  • Though this scenario is based on dominance, it's important to keep the tone light, enjoyable, and teasing. The goal isn't to emulate a harsh fantasy, but to spark a fun, exciting roleplay where the shy partner feels safe to express their innate fire.
  • A low-cost date doesn’t mean skimping on the experience. Home can be the perfect setting for an intimate adventure. With a small budget, make use of what you already have to set up the scenario and focus on the experience rather than expensive props.

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