Dominant's Dinner date idea illustration

Dominant's Dinner

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $150-$200

An enticing chef-and-sous-chef roleplay scenario which revolves around a lavish dinner being prepared indoors, with the partner who prefers to take the dominant role. With some given twists and turns, the sous-chef will provide the assistance and be at commanding chef's beck and call. This will not only test the sous-chef's obedience but also tease a heightened sense of sexual tension throughout the evening.

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  • Your partner, playing the role of the dominant chef, will be preparing an indulgent, multi-course dinner. You as the obedient sous-chef are there to assist and serve, following every instruction to detail, no matter how intimate. The culinary journey begins with appetizers where hands might casually brush against each other, and ends with dessert where the commanding chef might desire more than just a taste of the sweet creation. Each course will build up the sexual tension, making the actual main course their partner, not the food.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, contact your partner ahead of time to discuss the rules, safe words, and boundaries. Partners should ensure that the game remains within the agreed parameters and respect each other’s limitations. Both partners should prepare by cleaning and decorating the kitchen and dining area, select a gourmet dinner menu, and gather the necessary food ingredients. As sous-chef, plan your outfit keeping in mind the balance between function and arousing appeal. A pinafore might add a fun twist to the setup.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Set the mood by playing sensual music in the background and use soft lighting or candles. The chef can use their power to instruct the sous-chef to feed them or to taste the food in a provocatively tantalising manner. Also, consider using edible body paints or dips during dessert, allowing the chef to dictate the process. Remember always to respect your partner’s limits, maintain open communication, and ensure the environment is comfortable and safe.

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