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Dojo Training Session

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: Depends on cost of private dojo rental

Embark on an intense roleplay experience that turns up the heat and brings friends closer together in a dojo training environment.

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  • In the heat of the dojo, under the guidance of an experienced sensei, four friends find themselves caught in an exciting roleplay scenario. This is a place of discipline and respect, where everyone is tested to their limits. Yet, the tension has been mounting among you all, and tonight could be the time to delve into a deeper connection.
  • Bi-Han, the aggressive and dominating one, leads the group, his arrogant demeanor commanding attention. Kuai Liang, a yin to Bi-Han’s yang, keeps the group balanced with his calm and gentle approach, but when it's necessary, does not shy away from a challenge. Syzoth, though reserved, adds warmth and affection to the group whilst always ready to tackle any opponent. Tomas, the team's skeptic, keeps everyone grounded with his honesty and sarcasm, but is also ready to fight for justice.
  • The training session intensifies, with every sequence, every move highlighting the tension, the subtle brushes, and secret glances. As the session comes to an end, it’s clear that the dojo is not just a place for physical training. Tonight, it's a gateway to a roleplay experience none of you will ever forget.

Preparation steps:

  • First, everyone should ensure they get a good night's rest before the training session. Physical exertion is part of the experience, and everyone will need their energy.
  • Next, everyone should prepare mentally. Remember, this is a roleplay scenario, and everyone should respect each other's boundaries. A safe word is recommended, particularly for our more aggressive players like Bi-Han and Tomas.
  • Finally, pick the right attire. Everyone should have a proper martial arts gi - comfortable, airy and with just enough room for a tease. One can add a personal touch to it to highlight their personality.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember that safety is paramount - no move should physically injure someone.
  • Communicate openly about everyone's comfort level and boundaries. This builds trust and enhances the overall experience.
  • Don’t rush through the training session. The anticipation, the longing glances and the tension is an integral part of the roleplay scenario. So, take your time, build the drama and 'train' well.
  • And finally, enjoy the experience. The dojo roleplay is designed to explore something new and exciting, opening up an intimate bond in a way never experienced before.

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