Dogs, Disputes, and Devotion date idea illustration

Dogs, Disputes, and Devotion

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $100

Discover the unique blend of passion and slight disagreements as you and your partner delve into a playful fight, followed by moments of tender love. Use your mutual love for dogs to expand your bond and affection even further

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  • The scene is set on a beautiful October afternoon at your local public park. Begin by taking a leisurely walk with your partner and your dog. Elaborate on an opinion you know your partner disagrees with. Let a playful disagreement unfold, but keep it lighthearted and fun. After some verbal sparring, suggest solving your differences physically with some good-natured wrestling on the grass. After tiring yourselves out, shift the atmosphere from combative to romantic. Let love take over with gentle kisses, soft caresses, and whispered words of fondness. If a dog is not available, spark a similar scenario by debating on adopting one and what breed would be the best choice. Remember, the goal is to balance the fight and love vibes to end up with a stronger bond.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, both of you should dress in casual workout clothes to accommodate for the wrestling and activities you'll engage in. You'll want to bring a picnic blanket along with you. Additionally, pack some of your partner's favorite sherbert as a refreshing treat for the romantic part of your roleplay. Finally, ensure to do some warm-up exercises at home in preparation to avoid any unnecessary sprains or strains when the wrestling begins.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember to keep the disagreement lighthearted and playful. The 'fight' part of this roleplay scenario is not meant to stir actual anger or resentment. The ultimate aim is to facilitate more understanding, compassion, and love between you two. Use this opportunity to learn about each other's dispute resolution styles. The post-argument part of the roleplay should focus on making up and reinforcing your bond, using soothing words, affectionate gestures, and expressing your love for each other. Keeping it in a public place like a park also helps ensure the 'fight' stays on the fun side

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