Dog-friendly Adventure in Portland date idea illustration

Dog-friendly Adventure in Portland

Duration: 8 hours
Budget: $200

An exciting date that caters to your love for the outdoors, your dog, delicious food, and the finest cocktails. Experience the charm of Portland like never before, filled with laughter, bonding, and relaxation.

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  • Begin your day with a walk along Portland's famous off-leash parks such as Sellwood Riverfront Park or Wilshire Park that your furry friend will love. Explore the nature, trails, and open areas for your pet to frolic and play. After a lovely walk, navigate your way to a boutique pet shop, such as Hip Hound, for some shopping. Get something fun and new for your dog to enhance his day.
  • Next, resolve your hunger with a sumptuous meal from Portland's renowned food truck scene. Try Nong's Khao Man Gai and Wolf & Bear's for delicious and dog-friendly outdoor dining options. Finally, wrap up your day at a dog-friendly bar like the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company. Sit back, sip on your favorite cocktail, and enjoy the lively atmosphere as your dog relaxes by your side.
  • This date is all about embracing the things you love-an adventure-filled day with your partner and your dog, enjoying delicious food, and ending with brilliantly mixed cocktails.

Preparation steps:

  • Before leaving for your adventure, make sure to pack water for everyone, especially your pet. Also, pack some treats for your dog and some picnic snacks for both of you. Good walking shoes are recommended for the trail walk.
  • Check timings and the policy of the venues you plan to visit. Some places may require advance booking, so be sure to confirm ahead of time. Also, check the weather forecast for the day and plan accordingly.
  • Always keep a leash handy, even if the parks are off-leash. Some areas might have leash laws, plus it's a general courtesy to other park users. Lastly, remember to pick up after your dog to keep the parks clean and enjoyable for everyone.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Ensure that your dog is well-socialized and comfortable in a variety of situations. Make sure they're comfortable with other dogs, people, and new environments, as they'll be exposed to these during your date.
  • Try different food trucks and explore the gastronomy scene of Portland. Always choose outdoor seating if you have your pet with you.
  • After a fun-filled day, expect your dog (and possibly you) to be tired. As the day winds down, make sure you find time to wind down too! Relax and talk about your favorite parts of the day. Remember, this day is about both enjoying the city you love and each other's company.

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