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Doctor's visit roleplay

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

In this sultry roleplay scenario, you are Mike, the patient who is about to have a consultation with a remarkably attractive doctor, Megan. Dressed in a white coat and glasses, Megan is a striking example of an intellectual beauty. This indoors fantasy experience is designed to gradually intensify your intimacy and attraction through playful and professional medical make-believe play.

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  • Your scenario begins with you, Mike, feeling a bit under the weather and deciding to see your local gorgeous doctor, Megan, for a check-up. You've always been attracted to her beauty and intellect, but you've both remained professional until this moment. Now, you're in her office, waiting anxiously for your consultation.
  • Megan enters the room carrying a medical file filled with your details, looking professionally pristine in her white coat and glasses onboard. She begins her examination - listening to your heartbeat, checking your reflexes, and asking about your symptoms – all while maintaining a seductive eye contact that you just can't resist.
  • The teasing continues as Megan draws you closer, her touch firm yet gentle, stoking a simmering passion between you both. All your discipline slips away as you confess your burning attraction for her. Megan can't deny her own feelings and gives in to a passionate kiss – marking the beginning of your heated romantic adventure in the doctor's office. From this point, things gradually build up to an intense erotic climax.

Preparation steps:

  • Mike's partner should prepare herself by dressing up as the hot female doctor Megan. You'll need a white coat, glasses, and an essential prop, a stethoscope, creating an authentic look for this roleplay. Mike will be dressed in casual attire to play the role of an average patient. Furthermore, a semi-private setting will be set up as Megan's office where the scenario will be acted out.
  • The scenario is intended to be erotic and flirtatious. Therefore, it would be recommended to prepare some sensual music to set the mood. Also, keep some props to make the medical examination look real, such as a blood pressure monitor or a simple clipboard.
  • Both partners should familiarize themselves with their roles and the storyline before starting the roleplay. Emotional preparation is just as vital, and the partners should be open and communicative throughout the roleplay to ensure comfort and enjoyment.

You may need

Some tips:

  • This roleplay relies heavily on the dialogue and the background story. Having good back-and-forth communication will enhance the quality and enable the participants to submerge themselves into their roles. An improvisation on dialogues to add some medical talk might seem fancy and fun.
  • Always remember this is a fantasy, although Megan is playing the doctor doesn't really need to be medically accurate. The focus here is the erotic element of the play, the arousal, and connection between both parties.
  • The game is all about teasing, and it is essential not to rush things. Anticipation can be a real spark to ignite passion. Take it slow, go through the patient's check-up, and gradually increase the heat. A final tip, don't forget to enjoy and have fun!

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