Doctor's Orders

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50 - $100

Rediscover the thrills of playing doctor, but this time with a grown-up twist. The Doctor's Orders scenario involves an elaborate game of care and cure, where one partner plays the attentive physician while the other takes on the role of a patient in need of a very special kind of treatment.

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  • The roleplay begins with the 'patient' making a house call appointment complaining of a vague 'ailment' that only the special doctor can cure. Upon arrival, the patient finds themselves in a warmly lit room, adorned with discreet medical paraphernalia to set the scene.
  • The 'doctor' takes their role seriously, dressing in professional attire. They begin with a thorough 'examination,' asking the patient to describe their symptoms. The consultation naturally evolves, with the doctor prescribing some 'hands-on' treatments that promise to be both invigorating and thorough.
  • As the consultation progresses, the treatments become more intimate and hands-on. The patient's initial shyness turns into trust under the doctor's expert care, leading to a series of treatments that are designed to produce a deep sense of relief and satisfaction.

Preparation steps:

  • Prior to the roleplay, the 'doctor' should design a faux medical chart listing fanciful treatments and set up the space with a massage table or comfortable area to 'examine' the patient. Adding a soft blanket and pillows can provide comfort during the 'examination'.
  • The 'patient' can prepare by dressing in something that can be described as comfortable yet vulnerable, such as a loose blouse or robe. Furthermore, the 'patient' should think of a list of 'symptoms' that only the doctor's unique methods can address.
  • Both participants should discuss and agree upon safe words and boundaries to maintain a safe and consensual play. Setting the mood with music and lighting will further create an immersive experience, ensuring both parties feel they are truly in the 'doctor's office'.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember to stay in character to maintain the fantasy, using medical jargon and a professional demeanor to enhance the realism.
  • Incorporate sensory play by using temperature (warm towels or cool gels) to stimulate the patient's 'symptoms' and enhance the physical experience.
  • Aftercare is an important aspect of the scenario; following the intense 'treatments,' the doctor should provide comfort and care, transitioning out of roles at a natural and gentle pace.

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