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Doctor's Orders

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

In this roleplay, one partner takes on the role of a dedicated and caring doctor, while the other partner is the patient seeking a remedy for an 'undefined ailment'. The scenario encourages intimacy, trust, and a playful exploration of the partner's needs and desires.

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  • The patient arrives for their appointment, expressing that they've been feeling under the weather. The doctor listens attentively, and after a thorough 'examination', prescribes a very hands-on treatment plan that promises to address all the patient's worries and discomforts.
  • During the 'treatment', the patient reveals deeper 'symptoms' that they have been shy to mention. The doctor assures them that they have exactly the right cure, and their expert 'touch' helps ease the patient's concerns, turning moans of discomfort into sighs of relief.
  • As the 'session' progresses, the doctor and patient find that the prescribed remedy involves increasingly 'unconventional techniques'. They explore various 'treatments' until the patient declares they've never felt better and is in top health thanks to the devoted attention of their personal healthcare professional.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, find items around the house that can double as 'doctor's tools'. A thermometer, a stethoscope, or even a simple flashlight can add authenticity. Set up a space in your home to mimic a doctor's office - a table for examinations, chairs for consultations, and proper lighting.
  • The doctor should dress the part. A clean white shirt can double as a lab coat, and the addition of a name tag or stethoscope can really sell the character. The patient may wear something easy to change out of, like a button-up shirt or robe, which allows the 'doctor' to conduct 'examinations' conveniently.
  • It's essential to establish rules and a safe word before beginning. Make sure that all play is consensual and that both you and your partner are comfortable with the scenarios you intend to explore.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Improvise with humor and creativity to keep things interesting. Don't hesitate to laugh and have fun—it's all about enjoying each other's company and nourishing your bond.
  • Remember the importance of aftercare. Take time after the roleplay to reconnect and talk about what you enjoyed. Sharing these moments of intimacy strengthens your relationship.
  • Roleplaying as a doctor and patient can include a lot of 'physical examinations'. Make sure to maintain respect and consider your partner's comfort levels, always keeping the acting in the realm of fun fictional play.

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