Doctor's Naughty Office date idea illustration

Doctor's Naughty Office

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $60-$100

The healthcare sector is about to get a lot naughtier with our Doctor and Patient roleplay suggestion. Perfect for a cold October evening, when outdoor activities are off the list. This scenario will set Isabella's submissive tendencies aflame, fueling a night full of passion and satisfaction.

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  • Isabella, dressed in a sexy adult patient's outfit, walks into the thoughtfully prepared bedroom that has been transformed into a doctor's office. She is feeling 'unwell' and is looking for Doctor Love for some special attention.
  • Doctor Love, clad in professional attire and a stethoscope hanging around their neck, takes control and takes Isabella's vitals – heart rate, temperature, and a thorough but sensual body check up.
  • The Doctor, noticing Isabella’s flirtatious demeanor, starts playing along. The consultation suddenly turns naughty as Doctor Love 'finds' the issue and prescribes a passionate 'treatment' that leaves them both panting and satisfied.

Preparation steps:

  • First, convert your bedroom into a makeshift doctor's office. Add a few medical props like a white coat, clipboard, stethoscope, and thermometer.
  • For outfits, Doctor Love should be dressed in a professional attire while Isabella should be in a sexy adult patient's outfit. To add to the realistic nature of your role-play, use doctor slang and medical terminology.
  • Lastly, pre-decide safe words and boundaries. Communication goes a long way in ensuring both parties are comfortable and enjoy fully with no worries of crossing a line.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Don't rush things, keep it slow and steady, maintaining the professional demeanor of a doctor. The goal here is to build anticipation.
  • Remember, the patient is submissive. Explore the dominant side of Doctor Love but respect boundaries and consent. Safe words are crucial to roleplay, especially when it involves dominant/submissive dynamics.
  • Finally, have fun. Be open to improvisation, laughter, and silliness. After all, sex is supposed to be fun. The key to a good roleplay is a genuine connection and a good amount of creativity.

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