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Doctor's Check Up

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: Low

Explore your fantasies in this medical-themed roleplay, where you play the dominant doctor and Sophie becomes your submissive patient. Conduct a thorough check-up, create a sensual room atmosphere, and ensure a memorable and exciting experience.

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  • The scene is set; you are a skilled, charming doctor, and Sophie is your patient who has come for a check-up. At the beginning, you both are having a regular conversation discussing health issues. Sophie mentions certain 'issues' that require special attention. As the professional, you suggest thorough examination.
  • The examination begins with Sophie being very nervous and you write a 'treatment plan' comprising several sensual actions. You explain her the necessity of these steps which makes Sophie both nervous and curious. Start the treatment which might include massage, sensation play, etc., ensuring all the steps are consensual.
  • Moving further into the role play, Sophie gradually starts feeling better while you continue to repeat the 'treatment steps'. At the end, the doctor's attention and the patient’s comfort level with the examination results into a mutually satisfying role play.

Preparation steps:

  • The key to a successful roleplay is creating the right atmosphere. Clean your space and recreate a doctor's office setup at home. You might want to have a desk, a chair, and a bed or couch which will serve as the examination table. Invest in some scrub uniforms or a lab coat to give an authentic feel to the setup.
  • Next, discuss the scenario together beforehand, especially the 'treatment plan'. The plan should include all the actions that you would undertake during the role play. Make sure each action is mutually agreed upon and have a safe word in place in case anyone feels uncomfortable.
  • Finally, get all the props ready. Although we are on a budget, these props could be a stethoscope, examination glove, etc., which could be easily found at your home or you can buy some cheaper yet realistic doctor tools. A little creativity can go a long way with very little investment.

You may need

Some tips:

  • While setting up the doctor's office, play some ambient hospital sounds in the background to increase the authenticity. Good lighting is an important aspect to create the right mood. Soft, ambient and warm lighting can create a more inviting scenario.
  • Make sure you are continually communicating with Sophie. Whether it's weaving a compelling medical history for your patient or explaining the examination process, interaction can really help in building the scene.
  • Remember, Sophie likes being submissive, but it's essential to maintain a balance. Make sure to always consider her physical and emotional reactions, ask her feedback, and tailor your actions accordingly. Mutual comfort and consent is really crucial in this scenario. After the roleplay, take some time for aftercare where you calm down and discuss the scene.

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