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Doctor's appointment in the park

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $0

This is a fun and sensual rendition of the classic doctor-patient roleplay scenario taken to the picturesque setting of a lush park in South Korea. This scenario allows you to nurture the compassionate side while adding a touch of playful naughtiness.

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  • One of you takes up the role of an 'art-loving doctor', while the other slips into the role of the 'game-loving patient'. Choose a quiet and secluded spot in the park to set up your 'clinic'. The doctor is armed with drawings of fictional ailments, 'healing through art therapy'. The patient has come for a routine check-up and the doctor 'diagnoses' each ailment with a brush of creativity. As the sun sets and the evening proceeds, you continue your game leaning towards flirtation and intimacy.
  • As the doctor, ask the patient about their favorite game characters and narrate a fictional medical condition they're experiencing, bringing a fun twist into your conversation. The patient, on the other hand, reveals their symptoms in response to the doctor's drawings and turns the scenario into a humorous and sensual roleplay. Allow the roleplay to evolve naturally towards a more intimate setting, keeping the witty banter alive.
  • As twilight falls, the doctor suggests a more soothing therapy - a massage. Starting off as a soft-touch therapy, let it gradually reveal the hidden passion within. The entire routine is sure to bring in a lot of laughter, fun and perhaps, a new dimension to your relationship. Remember, it's all about the playfulness and shared intimacy, so let loose and enjoy the game.

Preparation steps:

  • The preparation for this roleplay scenario is simple and free. You both decide on your roles and get a brief understanding of what your character is like. The doctor partner can keep some drawings or sketches ready while the patient partner can think of some entertaining game-related ailments.
  • You would need to carry a picnic blanket, or anything you can sit comfortably on in a public park. Wearing comfortable yet slightly flirty clothing will add even more spice to the scenario. The doctor can take along a stethoscope or any other freely available doctor 'props' you can find around your home, just for fun.
  • Setting up the scenario ahead of time will make your roleplay smooth and enjoyable. Set some boundaries and use safewords if necessary. Discuss and respect each other's comfort zones while indulging in the role-play. Remember, the goal is mutual enjoyment, communication is key.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Start with a relaxed and light-hearted frame of mind, don't push yourself or your partner to perfectly 'act out' your characters. Be playful and incorporate humor, remember it's all in good fun. Compliment each other throughout, let it be a confidence-boosting and intimate experience for both of you.
  • Use your surroundings to your advantage. Incorporate elements from the park into your play - maybe some leaves turn into 'medicine', or a tree near become your 'clinic's signboard'. Be creative and spontaneous in your role play. Make use of the scenario to strengthen your communication with each other, talk and laugh a lot.
  • Bring in surprises. If you're the doctor, surprise your partner with an unexpected soothing technique or if you're the patient, surprise the doctor with humorous answers. The surprise element will keep the curiosity alive and make your experience more enjoyable. Always remember, the core of role-playing lies in understanding each other better and having a good time together.

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