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Doctors and Patients in the Park

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $20

Engage in an exciting scenario, playing the roles of a caring doctor and an amusing patient in a beautiful park setting. Enjoy the pleasant November weather and the beautiful scenic backdrop of İzmit while participating in a deliciously adventurous roleplay.

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  • In this scenario, one partner assumes the role of a playful doctor, while the second partner plays an almost healed patient having a routine check-up. You choose a quiet and secluded location in a park near you, possibly Atatürk Parkı, and set up your improvised 'field hospital'. The doctor is called to do a follow-up session, and the patient flirts lightly during the check-up. The doctor, maintaining a professional yet playful demeanor, reciprocates in kind. Throughout the scenario, there's a mix of teasing, flirting, and playful touches that escalates the tension and brings you closer to each other.
  • The doctor is responsible for deciding when the patient can be 'released', effectively switching the power dynamic in a fun way. With the 'check-up' complete, you both are free to express your real feelings for each other, culminating in a romantic and passionate 'recovery night'.
  • Pair this scenario with whispered confessions, shared dreams, and quick stolen kisses to create a memorable afternoon for both of you.

Preparation steps:

  • Since the budget is low, you don't need any expensive effects or outfits for this roleplay scenario. It's all about the power of imagination. To prepare, you might want to do some minimal research into medical jargon, to lend an air of fun authenticity to your roleplay. You can also improvise a stethoscope and thermometer using random stuff.
  • One partner will need to get into character as the doctor – a simple white shirt will create a perfect illusion. The other partner should dress casually representing the charming patient.
  • Choose a perfect day, preferably slightly cloudy but without any chance of rain, this will lend a great outdoor ambiance. And remember, pick a secluded spot in the park where you won’t be disturbed and can focus only on each other.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Use your imagination and focus on the emotional arousal rather than the detailed accuracy of medical procedures in real life. The fun is in the fantasy.
  • Remember, the emphasis of this roleplay should be on flirting and teasing, rather than purely sexual. The buildup and tension are what makes this scenario fun and exciting.
  • Finally, as with any other roleplay scenario, consent is paramount. Make sure both of you are comfortable and thrilled about playing your parts and establish your boundaries before starting.

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