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Doctor and Patient

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $30

Take advantage of the indoor setting offered by the cold month of November in Bolu, Turkey by transforming your living space into an interactive and exciting, yet budget-friendly and intimate doctor and patient-themed roleplay.

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  • In this roleplay scenario, the dominant partner adopts the role of a conscientious and flirtatious doctor, while the submissive one plays an apprehensive patient. The ‘doctor’ would conduct a meticulous but sexy examination, making sure the ‘patient’ is in tip-top shape. Asserting authority, the ‘doctor’ can solicit the 'patient' to express their emotions or follow certain instructions, while the patient can play the role of a shy or anxious individual, increasing the tension between the pair. The medical-themed session will grow more intense as it progresses, potentially leading to a passionate end.
  • The game commences in the ‘clinic’, which could be any comfortable space in your home. The ‘doctor’ can demand the patient to undress so a check can be conducted, while the patient would ‘resist’ initially out of shyness or embarrassment, adding to the excitement. Through light, sensual touches disguised as a medical examination or massage, both of you can explore different parts of each other's bodies. This setup offers opportunities to explore sensual touch and express your desires, creating an avenue for honest communication about what feels good to both.
  • Specific moments where both roles can exhibit their distinct character include when the doctor orders detailed instructions, or when the patient expresses their discomfort or enjoyment. These situations offer chances to step out of your usual roles and explore a different dynamic in your intimate relationship, keeping it exciting and fresh.

Preparation steps:

  • Stimulating the ambience of a doctor’s clinic at home, however, does not require much. Start by cleaning and arranging a room at home to make it resemble a compact but sensuous medical clinic. You could set up a table as a makeshift examination desk. Also, try to put up some props like a stethoscope and a white coat to authenticate your roles. Remember, your goal is to create a sexy and intimate environment, not a sterile and cold medical office.
  • The partner playing the doctor should dress in a 'Sexy adult doctor outfit'. Note, the outfit should be comfortable so that it does not become a restriction. The 'patient' can dress up enticingly as well in a 'Sexy adult patient outfit'. It could be a simple silk robe or a more suggestive outfit like a short tank top and mini skirt, depending on personal preferences.
  • Find some appropriate music to play softly in the background. It could be some soothing instrumental or anything that both of you find comfortable. Just ensure that it does not distract from the main event. The sound should be more of a backdrop that adds to the intensity of the scenario.

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Some tips:

  • Keep the communication open. It’s important to discuss clearly beforehand about the roles, limits, and signals to pause or stop the play. A little preparation can help avoid uncomfortable situations and ensure a smooth experience.
  • Include some playful banter in your roles. The doctor can ask some fun or tricky questions in a flirty tone and the patient can reply, equally flirtatiously. Playful interaction can effectively increase the sensual tension.
  • Remember, it is all about fun. Trying out a roleplay like this shouldn’t make any of you uncomfortable. Focus on enjoying the moment, the new erotic experience that the scenario brings, and the bond it is creating between you two. It’s also quite okay to laugh out during roleplay. After all, laughter is a great aphrodisiac!

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