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Doctor and Patient Play in Istanbul

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: Free

Immerse yourself into a fun and steamy physician-medical scenario in the dynamic city of Istanbul. Spend an unforgettable night indoors, letting your partner take control, and helping each other explore new limits of pleasure, while staying on a budget.

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  • The scene is set - the cozy interior of your home transformed into a make-believe doctor's cabin. One of you will play the doctor doling out a prescription of enjoyment while the other, an impatient patient awaits eagerly. Remember, the energy is high, and control is your partner's thing, so let them lead the role play adventure.
  • As the evening unfolds, the doctor must examine the patient with care and attention, flirting and teasing. The 'patient' must respond, reciprocating the doctor's flirting while playing hard to get.
  • Let the role play reach its crescendo when the doctor finally prescribes a dose of intimate interaction. Delicious anticipation and implicit trust make the game even more exciting.

Preparation steps:

  • First, you'll need an outfit that unmistakably screams doctor. A white lab coat and a stethoscope, both of which you can find at a thrift store or borrow. The bottom half of your outfit can consist of regular clothes.
  • The key to a good doctor-patient scenario is props. A simple check-up with a thermometer, stethoscope, and blood pressure cuff is enough to set the mood. Don't worry about real medical tools; the idea is to let your imagination run wild.
  • Lastly, you can easily set the scene at home. Just add some simple lighting to create the atmosphere of a quiet clinic and an essential piece of furniture to act as your examination table.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember the golden rule of role play - always respect each other's boundaries. As this scenario involves one partner taking control, a 'safe word' is a good idea to ensure the comfort of both parties.
  • Try to remain in your characters even during transitions or less active moments, this will make the role play more enjoyable and exciting.
  • Lastly, the pleasure lies in the teasing, too. As the dominant, your partner should make the most of their position to tease you for as long as you both can stand before succumbing to the debauchery.

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