Dinner Roleplay: Submissive Man with a Nervous Dominant Woman date idea illustration

Dinner Roleplay: Submissive Man with a Nervous Dominant Woman

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

In this imaginative setting, a home-cooked dinner event turns into a role play where a proud man willingly becomes submissive while his nervous yet persistent partner takes on the dominant role.

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  • In this scenario, the man becomes a humble servant, preparing a meal for his lady. Despite his willingness, he cannot hide his nervousness – the delicate balance between serving his dominant and preserving his pride. The woman, on the other hand, attempts to portray calmness and authority even though she's also battling nervousness. She tries her best to remain composed, but her shaky hands while eating the meal prepared by her submissive betrays her nervousness.
  • The woman's anxious dominant act and the man's humble approach creates a mixture of emotions, which attempts to break the pre-established boundaries of conventional role-plays. Despite her nervousness, she employs authoritative orders, instructing her submissive man on how to serve and behave in her presence. Meanwehile, the man continues his submissive stride at every command of hers, bringing about a sense of excitement into the mix.
  • The dinner ends with a sense of unexpected fulfilment for both. The man feels an unusual satisfaction in being submissive to his partner's commands and the nervous, yet dominant woman experiences a new side of empowered robustness in her personality.

Preparation steps:

  • This is a low-budget role play which only requires you to have items readily available at home. Dress in your finest clothes that you usually would wear to a posh restaurant. Prepare a home-cooked dinner - it doesn’t have to be extravagant, it should be something that both of you like.
  • Set your dining area in a manner that it gives a vibe of a luxurious dining setting. Mood lighting can be an add-on. Also, be prepared to switch your roles - the woman becoming the domineering force, while the man takes on the submissive role.
  • Remember to talk to each other prior to starting and ensure that both are comfortable with their respective roles. Establish your safe word - if either of you gets uncomfortable during the process, the role-play stops.

You may need

Some tips:

  • In order to make your role-play a success, remember the following pointers: Always stay in character and maintain the role-play atmosphere throughout the time you are role-playing.
  • Given the nature of this role-play, there might be times when either of you might start feeling a bit awkward or uncomfortable with your roles. Always remember, it's fine to feel a bit awkward. It's also fine to revert back to usual yourself whenever required. This is not a serious lifestyle adjustment, it's a chance to have a bit of fun and try something new.
  • Lastly, respect each other's boundaries. If during the role-play, either of you start feeling uneasy, do not hesitate to use your safe word. Enjoy yourselves! Let the games begin!

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