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Demon's Bride: A Kingdom's Seduction

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

In this roleplay scenario, transport yourselves back to the Renaissance period with a mix of fantastical elements. Here, one partner plays the role of a beautiful demon about to marry a nobleman, while the other assumes the role of Aziraphale, a kind-hearted angel who is secretly in love. As the gentle angel, Aziraphale must muster all his courage to express his feelings for the demon and convince her to switch alliances. The nobleman's fate, the kingdom's destiny, and your love is on the line in this thrillingly romantic adventure.

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  • Set in the time of kings and queens, you are attending a grand celebration in the heart of London - the wedding ceremony of a demon beauty to a powerful nobleman. As the demon, the partner must convey a sense of allure, mystery, and a sense of dread just about enough that these peculiar feelings reveal the demon's presence to none but to the angelic being. In the role of Aziraphale, take it upon yourself to make your proclamation before it's too late, witnessing the love of his life about to make a grave mistake.
  • Leap into action when the demon arrives for the wedding. As a loving angel, manage to reach the demon and express your feelings. Convince her to abandon her nefarious plans and reveal the true love you have for her, shaking the foundations of the divine and the demonic.
  • As the demon partner, you're conflicted. Initially, resist Aziraphale's pleas, appearing stubborn and refusing to be persuaded. But as his confession takes a deep emotional turn, feel your cold heart thaw. Realize that what you truly want is not power but love. Make the moment magical, seal it with a tender kiss and transform back into a human, symbolizing your choice of love over everything else.

Preparation steps:

  • The preparatory stage requires a few items to suit your chosen historic characters. As this storyline has a heavy historic and fantasy theme, consider dressing up as characters from the Renaissance period. Old theatrical costumes or seamstress skills could be in your favour. Search online to find demons and angels' traditional depictions in Renaissance art to have a clearer image.
  • Since this is an outdoor roleplay in November, ensure you layer up to protect yourself from the cold while still dressing the part. Also, plan out the order of events and key dialogues beforehand. Rehearsing your lines will ensure the date runs smoothly. Using an open space like Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens in London as a makeshift open theatre would bring a sense of authenticity.
  • Considering the storyline, it is essential to ensure mutual respect and consent. Thus, discuss the scenario thoroughly, including the intense emotional climax and understand each other's comfort levels.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Untold confessions, love, and a touch of fantasy are the selling points of this role-playing scenario. To make it an unforgettable experience, minding the details always helps. The right costumes, accessories, and a little bit of preparation go a long way.
  • Get into character, bring out the yearning angel who wants to save his love from a miserable fate and the demon beauty who has a heart ready to be thawed by love. Play the roles convincingly to make the scenario seem as realistic as possible.
  • Bear in mind, this roleplay storyline relies heavily on the emotional connection, make sure to respect each other's feelings, as it contains elements of love declarations and heated arguments. Pay special attention when turning down the noblemen, and be prepared for all sorts of reactions. Finally, have fun exploring your deepest desires in this unique roleplay scenario and make sure to keep warm in the November cold.

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