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Delightful Pizza Delivery

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: Not applicable

This scenario involves one partner taking on the role of a pizza delivery man while the other plays the client who has ordered a pizza. It's a classic roleplay setup that offers many opportunities for play and flirtation, especially if the partner appreciates a good meaty pizza. Played indoors, this scenario is perfect for cooler months, such as October.

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  • To set the scene, one partner should be out, perhaps having 'gone to work' (another room works just fine). The other partner places a fake phone call ordering a pizza. The 'delivery man' then prepares the fake pizza (a real pizza works too if you're comfortable with possible mess) and heads over to the 'client's' place. The scenario relies heavily on flirtatious banter and innuendos about the 'meat' on the pizza. The 'delivery man' can make comments about how he made sure to 'put extra sausage'. A long-winded complaint can serve as the segue into a more intimate encounter, with one suggestion being the 'pizza wasn't hot enough' and needing the 'delivery man's' help to reheat it.
  • The 'client' can invite the 'delivery man' in, servicing drinks and perhaps mentioning that they're home alone, setting the stage for a more intimate encounter. Let things escalate naturally from there, keeping in character as much as you both are comfortable with. Remember that the key to great roleplay is letting go and fully immersing yourself in the scenario, letting it guide your interactions and responses.
  • The scenario ends as the couple wishes to end it. It could be that the 'client' promises to give the delivery man a 'generous tip' for his service or the 'delivery man' promises to 'make sure the pizza is extra hot next time'. The fun in this scenario lies in its versatility and opportunities for cheeky banter and flirtation, taking a regular evening at home and turning it into a memorable, sensuous adventure.

Preparation steps:

  • There might be some preparation required for this scenario. It's advisable for the 'delivery man' partner to acquire a delivery man costume. Nothing too fancy, a simple hat and a vest with a logo will do. The partner order the pizza can slip into something more comfortable, maybe a robe or a sexy negligee to increase the thrill.
  • The 'pizza' is also an essential part of the preparation. You can go with a real pizza or a fake one depending on what you're comfortable with. If going for a real pizza, consider what the 'client' partner likes on their pizza. We've been told they like meat.
  • Lastly, prepare a space in your house where the scenario will play out. The 'client' should be somewhere comfortable, like the living room or the bedroom, while the 'delivery man' should start out of sight, maybe outside the door or in another room.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Get into character and stay in character. Roleplay is about immersion, and the more you let yourself go into your role, the more fun, and thrilling, the scenario becomes. Don't be afraid of innuendos. They're a big part of this particular scenario and add a layer of humor and erotic tension to the whole setup.
  • Remember there's no 'right' or 'wrong' way to execute the scenario. It's an agreement between both partners, so if something feels uncomfortable or off, it's perfectly okay to tap out and discuss it. This should primarily be an enjoyable experience for both participants.
  • Lastly, pace yourselves. The scenario can be as short or as long as both partners are comfortable with. There might be a temptation to rush to the 'main attraction', but the buildup can be just as, if not more, enjoyable. Enjoy the flirtation, the banter, the innuendos, as you build towards the climax of the roleplay. And most of all, have fun!

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