Delaware Incorporation Specialist Roleplay date idea illustration

Delaware Incorporation Specialist Roleplay

Duration: 4-6 hours
Budget: $200-$300

In this roleplay scenario, embrace the tension of a business transaction. The setting is the glamorous city of Wilmington, United States where many companies decide to incorporate. As a Delaware Incorporation specialist, your aim is to convince and guide your partner, who is the curious and determined LLC applicant, through the process. The ambiance of intellectual exchange coupled with a classy romance sets the stage for an exciting evening.

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  • After a busy day at the office, you receive a last-minute appointment request from an intriguing LLC applicant. As she steps into your office, you feel an instant connection. You begin to explain the interesting aspects of Delaware Incorporation, but every word exchanged is laced with flirtatious undertones. The tension between you two builds as the 'meeting' progresses into the night.
  • The scenario escalates when she expresses her appreciation of your expert guidance. You decide to show her the city, the heartbeat of the American business scene. You take her to the prestigious Wilmington Club for dinner – a testament to Delaware's rich business history.
  • As the evening advances, so does the chemistry you share. The conversation takes on a seductive tone, provoking a passionate conclusion to the 'business meeting'. Her curiosity about the incorporation process becomes a metaphor for her desire to know you better, and the paperwork lying forgotten on your office desk gets replaced by playful exchanges and heated kisses.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, ensure your 'office' setting is perfect. This could be a quiet room in your house, a home-office, or your actual office if you can manage it. Decorate the room to resemble a real office with some business stationeries and paperwork.
  • Since dress code is integral, invest in a pair of 'Sexy adult business attires'. Guarantee that they are not only appropriate for a business meeting but are also easy to slip out of.
  • Take care of the dinner reservations beforehand at the Wilmington Club. The restaurant offers an upscale dining experience which certainly adds a layer of authenticity to your roleplay.
  • Lastly, get ready to indulge in a tantalizing roleplay that may induce a long-term effect. Keep your mind open to interpret the event that unfolds during the dinner.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Keep roleplay consent in mind and discuss your boundaries. Remember that a successful roleplay scenario is about two people enjoying themselves, so ensure both parties are comfortable with the roles they’re playing.
  • While in character, play with power dynamics. The nature of this roleplay scenario provides ample opportunities for teasing each other until you’re ready to move onto the act.
  • Emphasize on the slow burn. To kick start the scenario, begin with business emails throughout the day, building tension and anticipation. When you finally meet at the 'office', keep the business act going for a while before turning up the intensity.

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