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Dance of Deception

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $200

Indulge in a passionate and immersive dance-filled evening where things are not as they seem. As a couple, you'll attend a grand ballroom event, playing the roles of strangers being drawn to each other irresistibly. Remember, it's just a roleplay, where trust, communication, and story building are the essence of the evening.

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  • The scenario unfolds at a grand ballroom event which you both attend, the grandeur of the evening enticing you both. As part of the roleplay, you're assumed to be strangers, irresistibly drawn to each other for a passionate dance. Instead of a regular evening, you decide to 'cheat' by dancing with a 'stranger', which in this case, happens to be your partner themselves. You don't 'acknowledge' your partner but meet them as if they were a stranger, dancing the night away and creating a thrilling atmoshphere.
  • Throughout the evening, you find ways to snatch moments with your β€˜strange lover’, sparking intrigue and thrill. This includes stolen kisses, whispering sweet nothings, and flirty chit-chat that adds an edge of excitement to your relationship. The goal is to build tension, create an unforgettable experience, and have a fun evening.
  • After the event, allow yourselves to discuss what you liked and disliked about the scenario, communicate openly about how it made you feel. Remember, it's a roleplay which is meant to build trust and communication between you. This is a safe space to discuss your feelings openly. The roleplay ends when you are both comfortable and have had an unforgettable evening.

Preparation steps:

  • Before attending the evening event, you should prepare yourself just like you would for attending a regular dance event - buying tickets, dressing up in ballroom appropriate attire, and so on. Choose a particular role for yourself which fits the atmosphere - a wealthy businessman, a charming rogue, or a ballroom princess.
  • Choose your outfits and accessories fitting to your role for the night. Play with dresses, suits, mysterious masks or elegant gloves. You could also use props such as an old-fashioned pocket watch, a fragrant fan, or an enticing feather boa to enhance the atmoshpere of the evening.
  • Research on classic ball dances from waltz, foxtrot to tango. You can take a few dance lessons prior if you want to make the experience more authentic. The key is in the details, make your role as believable as possible to have the best experience.

You may need

Some tips:

  • This type of roleplay requires a degree of subtlety as it focuses on the narrative and building tension rather than being overtly physical. The thrill lies in pushing boundaries while staying within personal comfort zones and respecting each other’s feelings.
  • At any point, if one of you feels uncomfortable, step out of the roleplay situation. If your partner signals a need to stop, do so immediately. Remember, the goal of roleplay is to enhance your relationship and facilitate communication, not strain it.
  • To make things more immersive, consider using code names during the night. This creates the illusion of the dangerous game further, making the evening more thrilling. After the event, openly discuss your experiences and feelings, making sure you are both comfortable with the narrative. Remember, it's a thrilling roleplay that should add spice to your relationship, not create unnecessary drama.

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