Daddy's Little Girl date idea illustration

Daddy's Little Girl

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: flexible

Embrace nostalgia and comfort as you re-create the ambiance of a 50s home setting. Experience the thrill of forbidden love as you explore the 'Daddy's little girl' theme. Experience a new level of intimacy as you play out this naughty yet sweet scenario.

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  • Start the scene in your shared living room, transforming it into a vintage 50s setting. This evening you're Daddy, a loving figure home after a long day of work, and she is your adoring, rebellious daughter who's been told not to date, but she's all grown up now.
  • It's dinner preparation time and there's mischievous interplay happening between your characters. She's not listening to your rules anymore. She's breaking them in the flirtiest manner possible. Encourage her disobedience as things get progressively spicier and the dining room set-up is left forgotten.
  • Bring in an element of playful punishment, leading the scenario to an intoxicating culminate in a comfortable bedroom setting. It's time for Daddy to take charge and show his little girl the consequences of shirking her responsibilities.

Preparation steps:

  • To set the mood for this vintage-themed roleplay, step one is transforming your home into a classic 50s household. Period appropriate decor secretly bought can make the illusion more authentic. Play some 50s radio shows or music in the background to set the tone.
  • Costume wise, dress up as a traditional 50s โ€˜dadโ€™ in cardigans and slacks, think Clark Kent. Your partner should consider wearing something innocent yet sexy, perhaps suggestive of rebellion such as a โ€˜sexy adult schoolgirl costumeโ€™.
  • Maintain a light and playful atmosphere, a little mischievous disobedience is all part of the fun. But always remember, keep a safe word pre-decided. The roleplay should always remain consensual and comfortable for both.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The scenario can be as explicit or as tame as you want it to be, just make sure you both are comfortable with the direction it is taking. Have a conversation about boundaries before you start.
  • Take inspiration from classic 50s TV shows or movies to perfect your character and get in the mood. Specifically, the movie โ€˜Back to the Futureโ€™ can give insightful ideas.
  • Keep the roleplay spontaneous and fun. Remember, it is about exploring new facets of your relationship. Donโ€™t forget to debrief after the scenario and ask your partner about what they loved most, this can provide productive feedback for the future.

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