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Cupids of Self-Discipline

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

Join in this exciting, creative yet zero cost roleplay that adds a little spice to your love life while challenging the concept of self-discipline. Deepen your connection with your partner as you explore each other's boundaries in a respectful yet exciting environment.

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  • The night is young, and you both are locked away from the boisterous city of Los Angeles. The room is dimly lit, with relaxing instrumental music humming softly in the background. The game of self-discipline commences as the room is turned into an arena. One becomes the master, and the other, the student - the roles are interchangeable. The object is to complete a series of tasks, and the twist is to abstain and exhibit self-restraint at certain moments, as instructed by the master. However, the penalty for any lapses in self-control is a delicious torment devised by the other partner.
  • As you both play this game, remember to respect each other's boundaries. The game is intended to celebrate mutual respect and consent, and it's essential that both parties feel comfortable at all times.
  • The roleplay reaches its peak as both partners, taking turns to play disciplinarian and provocateur, have explored their limits and shared in the fun. As the night ends, there is a mutual sense of accomplishment and increased intimacy, which further consolidate your bond.

Preparation steps:

  • The preparation for this scenario is straightforward. First, you need to discuss with your partner what should be on the task list, balancing both of your comfort zones. For each task on the list, agree on an acceptable penalty in case of any lapses in self-control. Remember, the penalty should be something you both find interesting and enjoyable.
  • Turn your living room into the perfect arena. Arrange the furniture to create a conducive atmosphere for the roleplay, ensuring there's enough space for you both. The room should be dimly lit, ambient, and comfortable so that you can fully enjoy the game. Play low volume instrumental music or nature sounds to add to the mood.
  • Finally, communicate openly with each other throughout the game. Continuously check in on how the other person is feeling and always remember that comfort and consent are vital.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember, the purpose of this roleplay scenario is to enjoy and enhance the intimacy with your partner while learning more about your inner desires and boundaries. Make sure to keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun. Any discomfort or dismay should be addressed immediately with an open conversation.
  • Control your instincts and use your senses in unique ways to boost the excitement. For example, using a blindfold can heighten your other senses, making every touch more intense and thrilling.
  • After the scenario is done, take some time to cuddle, laugh, and enjoy the quiet moments with each other. This post-activity intimacy is the perfect way to bond after such an exciting and challenging game. Make sure you both appreciate what you learnt about each other, and always remember that this is a form of fun and there to increase your affection towards each other.

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