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Crook and Cop Roleplay

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $0

In this indoor roleplay scenario of a shop keeper chasing a shoplifting girl, you will let your imaginations run wild. Savor the excitement and suspense as you dive into the world of law and coy offenses and try to make the most of every moment.

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  • Decorate your living room as a small department store and decide on a range of goods that could potentially be stolen. One of you takes on a role of a defiant shoplifter (Sasha) and the other one becomes a strict and serious policeman.
  • Sasha, desperate, tries to steal some food and clothes. The policeman, always vigilant, catches a glimpse of her suspicious activity and makes a move to apprehend her.
  • Instead of directly confronting her, he decides to play along, letting her believe that she manages to sneak by him. He follows her around, giving her a decent adrenaline rush, till finally, he confronts her in a hard-nosed manner. But she remains defiant, thus fueling an entertaining argument.

Preparation steps:

  • Prior to the roleplay, you should decorate your living room as a mini department store. Use objects and clothes you have at home as your merchandise. Make sure you set up the scene to look realistic but remember not to bring any real or expensive items into the play to prevent any accidental damage.
  • Decide what the shoplifter would try to steal and where the officer would approach her. Take your time to carefully plan out the sequence of events to add more fun to the roleplay.
  • Lastly, dress according to your respective role. The shoplifter should be in casual attire while the policeman should wear something showing authority.

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Some tips:

  • To make this roleplay more exciting, make sure to stay in character throughout the scenario. The shoplifter needs to be sneaky, swift, and shifty, while the 'policeman' should show authority, seriousness, and vigilance.
  • Use your surroundings wisely. Hide behind the racks, under the tables or anywhere that enhances the drama. Make sure to keep track of each other's movements and act accordingly.
  • Remember the aim of this roleplay is to have fun and to forget about the world for a while. It is not intended to belittle or disrespect law enforcement or individuals in difficult life circumstances. Enjoy but remain respectful.

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