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Cozy Art & Jazz Date

Duration: 4-5 hours
Budget: $40-$60 per person

Experience a serene day filled with art exploration and mesmerizing melodies in Miami. Visit some of the best art galleries in town during the day, enjoy a light meal, and end the night on a high note with a soothing live jazz performance. It's the perfect way to appreciate the finer things in life without the need for alcohol or large crowds.

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  • Start your date by visiting a local art gallery in Miami. Spend your time appreciating one anothers' takes on the various pieces and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere the gallery provides.
  • In the afternoon, stop by a local cafe that is famous for their delicious light meals and coffee. Relish in the peaceful ambiance and engage in soulful conversations.
  • As the evening sets in, head to a lounge that hosts live jazz performances. Immerse yourselves in the rhythm of the music and enjoy the intimate setting. Wrap up your date under the neons of Miami as the captivating sound of jazz plays in the background.

Preparation steps:

  • Before the date, do some research on upcoming exhibitions at the Perez Art Museum Miami that you both might enjoy. Make sure the gallery you plan to visit is open at your preferred time.
  • Look for reviews of The Cafe at Books & Books to find out their most recommended dishes, and be sure to check out the Le Chat Noir's performance schedule to ensure there's a show that matches your musical taste.
  • Remember to dress comfortably yet elegantly to match the aesthetic of the venues. A smart casual attire is perfect for this date.

Some tips:

  • Remember to check the opening hours of the art gallery and the jazz lounge before your date to avoid any unexpected closures.
  • Get to the jazz lounge a little early so you can secure a seat with the best view of the performers. Also, although alcohol is not a focus for this date, do try out the non-alcoholic mixed drinks offered at these localesβ€”they're equally yummy!
  • Engage your partner with interesting questions or comments about the art pieces or the music being played. This can lead to deep, meaningful conversations adding an extra layer of intimacy to your date.

Recommended locations:

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