Cosmic Space Adventure date idea illustration

Cosmic Space Adventure

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $75

Embark on a cosmic adventure with your partner as you transform your home into a space station and immerse yourselves in a night of fun-filled extraterrestrial explorations. With the right balance of imagination, humor and intensity, this scenario could be your ticket to unknown galaxies of fun and passion.

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  • You and your partner are astronauts who have just landed at a strange, alien planet (your living room doubles as the otherworldly landscape). Communicate with mission control (the bedroom), investigate the alien planet, and tackle unexpected 'space issues'. You may come across extraterrestrial beings or face 'space dangers' that will require both of your quick thinking and strong will. A surprise awaits as you come across an alien artifact – a novelty adult toy that promises to transport you both to new dimensions of pleasure.
  • The space adventure continues until you find your way back to your spaceship (bed). Finally, when you both get back to your spaceship, share your experiences about the alien world, relax and celebrate your successful mission in the most intimate way.
  • With smooth transition and unforeseen scenarios, this roleplay scenario is set to not just tickle your funny bones, but also to ignite your desire for each other in a fun and unconventional way. It requires preparation, but it promises to be a great time of bonding and lovemaking.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, you will need to transform your living room into an 'alien planet'. Be creative. Use everyday items and imaginatively convert them into space elements. Fairy lights could act as stars, a printed spiral galaxy picture could be planets. Don't forget to make 'spaceships' out of pillows and blankets. The more imaginative your setting is, the better the experience.
  • Both of you should dress as astronauts. These can be done by wearing white suits (track suits, jumpsuits, anything white will do), and constructing DIY helmets out of aluminum foil. Do ensure it's comfortable and easy to take off. Also, you may want to practice some lines and funny quotes from your favourite space movies to spice up the communication.
  • The most important preparation for this scenario is to set the right mood. You need to both be relaxed, comfortable and ready for laughter and intimacy. Discuss the scenario, the 'tasks' you will perform and the boundaries you have with your partner beforehand.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The key to enjoying this roleplay scenario is to keep things light-hearted and fun. It’s about allowing your imagination run wild, laughing together, and effortlessly mixing humor with sparks of intimacy.
  • To keep the experience surprising and exciting, both of you can take turns to come up with 'unexpected issues' (like alien attacks, system failure) and find unique and 'sexy' solutions. Also make good use of your chosen adult toy, introduce it at an unexpected moment for a pleasurable surprise.
  • Finally, remember, in every roleplay scenario, communication is key. Discuss the setup, your roles, and your boundaries. Make sure you're both comfortable with every aspect of the play. It's supposed to be a fun and intimate experience, not a stressful one!

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